“Paddington” 2014 Movie Released November 28 — Can’t Wait To See It. Looks Cute As A Bear.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...
Anura Guruge

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The “Paddington” 2014 trailer, which we saw on Friday. It will make you into an instant FAN. Paddington is adorable. Click to view this ever so cute, OFFICIAL, trailer at YouTube.


The official “Paddington” 2014 poster at IMDB.com. Click to access IMDB page for this must-see movie coming in November 2014.


It, like so many great things British, started with a BOOK.

I grew up in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), 1953 – 1967, on rich diet of British culture, ethos and literature. I had every single book that a good British boy of the time was supposed to have read — and a few hundred more! I had a lot of books as a kid. ‘Noddy‘ and everything Enid Blyton was my main staple though ‘Paddington’, of course, was right up there. “Paddington” since then has always been dear to me — though I was unable to get any of the four kids to take much interest in him. I guess it is a British thing.

On my first visit to Britain, in August 1976, I did go my train to Paddington Station. It felt familiar because of the “Paddington” books.

We saw the trailer for the “Paddington” 2014 movie when we went to see “The Boxtrolls” on Friday. I knew that I had no choice. We are going to see it. Teischan was impressed. She wants to see it. So it looks like a done deal already.

Check it out. You might become a BELIEVER. “Paddington” is so cute. 

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