CNBC Appears To Have A Whole New Ticker Setup With No Top Ticker.

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Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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The old CNBC 3 ticker layout as of Monday, October 13, 2014 — Columbus Day. Click to ENLARGE.

That I wake-up to CNBC (on weekdays) has to be well known because I have mentioned it enough times — like here and there. This morning I, as per the schedule, clicked on the bedroom TV around 8:22 am and selected CNBC from the DirecTVfavorites‘ menu — with CNBC at ‘top center’ so I can get to it with one click.

Immediately, even though I wasn’t still fully awake and did NOT have my glasses on I knew that something was not right. I tend to be like that. I put my glasses on. Saw it at once. NO top ticker! Initially thought that it was because it was Columbus Day and some of the markets, e.g., Bonds, were closed. But that did not make sense. The stock market was open as were the European markets. Realized that the buggers had decided to rejig the whole thing.

Waited till 9:30 for the market open. I saw three (3) tickers at the bottom PLUS a ‘bug’, bottom right, with the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ. Aahhh!

To be fair, in the end we all get used to whatever is displayed.

There was nothing intrinsically wrong with the old layout with the MASTER top ticker.

I suspect that as with everything today this has to do with MOBILE! Yes, though we are talking TV more and more people are watching TV, to my amazement and awe, on 5″ screens on their phones. I have never even looked at such a screen and I have never bothered to try and watch CNBC, or for that matter, any other TV show on my 10.2″ Le Pan Pad.

Well I will keep you posted. There is really nothing that good flashing across the tickers these days.

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