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Autumn In Rural New Hampshire, 2014: The Quintessential Image.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Taken by Anura Guruge
with his refurbished Canon T3i.
Copyright of this image WILL be enforced.

Taken at the “Early Bird Farm” in Pittsfield, NH, across the road from “Appleview Orchard” where we go to pick our apples.

Another picturesque farm — which from the sign outside is ‘For SALE‘. This is when I wish I was RICH — which alas I am not. I would love to own a place like that — but then again pigs would like to fly. I wish the owners the best of luck. Beautiful place. Anybody who could afford it would be blessed. I thank the current owners for the lovely display that they have put on for us.

Burmese Radical ‘Wirathu’ Inciting Already Rabid Sri Lankan Buddhists To More Extremism … Pakistan & Bangladesh Should Respond.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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I blurred out the faces because I don’t want to give these publicity-seeking,
rather pathetic rebel rousers 
any additional ‘press’.


‘AP’ coverage via ABC News. Click to access original.


The Asian ‘The Straits Times’. Click to access original.

As I have clearly pointed out in these two posts — post 1 & post 2 — I really have no skin in this ‘game’ other than the fact that I clearly remember growing up in a very tolerant, multi-religious, multi-ethnic Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) and this uncalled for Buddhist extremism (subscribed to by many of my cousins) distresses me.

I get unsolicited e-mail from Sri Lanka, on a near daily basis, because there are folks who believe that given my name, adopted though I am, that I must care! Well I do care, but not in what they hope I care. I care that ALL religions can coexist peacefully in Sri Lanka and that in time many of my brethren will be lucky enough to reach my level of enlightenment in being able to revel in being so carefree and happy in knowing that there is NO LIFE after death.

The ratcheting up of the hate is escalating.

The extremist Buddhist in Sri Lanka has embraced this clown from Myanmar as if he was the long awaited Messiah.

This is wrong. I am GLAD that U.S. outlets like ABC News is covering this.

I have said it before and I am saying it again. The priorities of most Sri Lankan males is pretty straightforward: MONEY/FAMILY, SEX, CRICKET and then everything else … including religion.

Financial sanctions will work BUT that is NOT going to happen. Trying to curb the sex (and the out of control population growth) will be too hard to do.

BUT we can get at them through cricket. Trust me. I know these buggers.

The cricketing world needs to start boycotting Sri Lanka cricket TODAY.

I am not bloody joking.

We did it to South Africa and it kind of worked — but please remember South Africans were never as committed to cricket as Sri Lankans.

Pakistan and Bangladesh, backed by India, England and Australia, should lobby the ICC today to halt all tours involving Sri Lanka. Stop Sri Lankans from playing in any foreign IPLs.

Then we will see ….

Trust me.

This is very easy to fix.

BUT if we don’t fix it we will all live to rue the day.


Pope Paul VI’s (#263) Beatification On October 19, 2014 AGAIN Highlights Hasty Veneration Of Recent Popes.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I kind of like Paul VI (#263). His heart was in the right place and he really tried hard. I even agree, as will now inevitably be the case, that he deserves to be a Saint just for managing to bring Vatican II to a successful conclusion — though this would not be the sole reason for his canonization and there will be those that argue that bringing Vatican II to a successful end was his most heinous crime! My main concern is the untoward haste at which he is being beatified — akin to what happened with John XXIII (#262) and John Paul II (#265) — except that John Paul II’s was fast-tracked to an extent that was nearly a joke. But here is the issue: we now have three recent popes, #262, #263 & #265, either a Saint or a Blessed. These are three popes that were within the lifetime of many, many, many people still alive. That just doesn’t seem right. It takes away the mystique. That is much main gripe and I am NOT alone. Nobody wants to see these popes denied or deprived — we just want to see a ‘reasonable’ gap of absence before they are honored.

That we will have three recent popes honored when there are dozens of equally worthy earlier popes that have NOT even been looked at — looks wrong. It just devalues the whole process.

I basically trod this same ground 5 months ago.

I have five more issues with this beatification.

1. There are some VERY serious allegations that have been made about Paul VI’s ‘lifestyle’ as pope! One has to assume that there has to have been some fire for there to be, even now, so much smoke.

2. This pope did a lot of good to the Church and the World BUT he also totally screwed up the ‘birth control’ issue with his landmark Humanae Vitae.

3. He also screwed up the College of Cardinals with his 1970 ‘cannot vote if over 80 rule’ and the 120 cardinal elector rule — though I am 100% sure that he expected one of his successor to fix the loose ends he left.

4. He comes across as having been a pope who was incredibly conflicted within himself — which, at least to me, seems like an odd trait for a sure-to-be Saint.

5. His beatification, quite rightly, will again draw attention to the fact that WW II pope, Pius XII (#261), despite clamor from some factions, has yet to be beatified — in my opinion, quite rightly — though he died nearly 20 years before Paul.

Paul VI, in 1970, was the first pope to visit Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).


So YOU Think YOU Know Your Popes — A Quiz.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

1. What is the longest (consecutive) period where the papacy has been under one name, albeit with different popes of that name? [#28]

2. What is the most prevalent prior name among the popes? [#30]

3. There is one pope who was born on, two who were elected on, and one that died on Christmas Day, i.e., December 25. Who were these four popes and the Christmases involved? [#55]

4. When Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, i.e., Pius XII (#261) was elected pope on March 2, 1939, on the second day of the conclave, on the third ballot, he became the only pope known to have been elected on his birthday – he having been born on March 2, 1876. He was thus sixty-three years old. The crowds in St. Peter’s Square waiting to see the new pope knew that it was his birthday – he a well known and beloved Roman, from ‘Black Nobility’ [i.e., aristocratic families that stood by the pope during the travails of the Italian unification]. Two other popes share that March 2nd birthday. One was born in the 19th century and the other in the 15th century. The former was an influential and famous pope while the latter is a relatively well known non-Italian who does hold a papal distinction, though it is not well known. Who are these two popes who share a March 2nd birthday with Pius XII? [#61]

5. Who was the first pope to be elected in a conclave, known to have been sequestered (under lock-and-key) per the now norm, that was held outside of Rome? [#44]

6. Who was the first pope to use an automobile to travel outside of the Vatican City? [#48]

7. When was the last time that a cardinal died in conclave? [#74]

8. That the First Council of Nicaea [325 AD] was summoned by the bestriding Constantine the Great is well known. What was to be the first ecumenical council to be convoked by a pope? [#5]

9. Which pope brought to an end the First Vatican Council [1869 to 1870] the twentieth of the councils, best known for approving the notion of papal infallibility? [#8]

10. Continuing on the topic of women in conclaves it is known that in the 17th century a woman was asked to address the cardinals, in conclave, before they started balloting. What was this conclave where a woman was invited to the conclave, at its start, to share her thoughts with the electors as to the criteria they should consider when choosing the next pope? [#76]

All these are from “Popes: 101 Facts & Trivia“. The [#n] at the end refers to the ‘bullet’ number within the book. Yes, of course, you can find each and every answer by doing your own bit of digging around. It is fun.

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