The Circus, “Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey”, Will Be In Town, Manchester, NH, This Week — BUT I Doubt Elephant Parade!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I really, really, for the sake of the kids in and around Manchester, hope I am WRONG. But, I get the distinct feeling that there will again be NO elephant parade in Manchester, N.H., when the circus arrives in town.

I know that people are already doing Web searches on the parade — as it applies to Manchester. Many of them come ‘here’ because I have written about it so often.

I think 2012, when they did their best to keep us from finding out the exact time, was the last time.

First they started taking out the elephants, from-and-to, to the railway yard at ‘odd’ times — like getting the elephants to the train while second-half of the last show, Sunday evening, was still going on.

Then last year they trucked them to/fro — and again did the trucking while the last show was ongoing.

They are just TOO worried about animal rights protestors — and a possible commotion on the road which could go terribly wrong. I do understand — and actually see both sides of the debate.

I just feel bad for the kids. It was a wonderful, rewarding FREE show — especially for the kids who don’t get to go the circus (though they are offering $10 seats this Thursday).

I will try and stay on top of this and IF folks who work in Manchester, especially the high-rise buildings, could e-mail me, as you so kindly did in 2012, and let me know when the train pulls in.

But for now I dread the worst, i.e., no parade. The elephants getting transported by truck.

Lets keep our fingers crossed — for the kids.

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