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“Little Moose Island”, Acadia National Park [Schoodic Peninsula], Maine. Well Worth A Hike At Low Tide.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...

Anura Guruge

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Little Moose Island” is off the southernmost tip of the Schoodic Peninsula part of Acadia National Park. It is part of the park and just off the 6 mile, one-way Park Loop Road. I am not sure if it is signposted.

Jim Chase, the co-owner of the delightful “Acadia View” bed & breakfast (on Route 1, just prior to the Park turn-off) where we stayed, who also told us about how to get to “Raven’s Nest“, gave us detailed directions including an annotated nap. So we were in good shape. Hard to miss, especially with Jim’s map. Basically the first thing, off the coast once you have visited Schoodic Point and taken in its wonders.

The island is only accessible, by foot, via a causeway which is only (safely) passable during a 6 hour window centered on low tide. There is a Park Ranger book when you get to the island with admonitions about getting stuck on the island and a sheet that you have to sign in case they have to come looking for you. I looked around for any skeletons but didn’t see any. Actually we only saw a total of 5 others during our 90 minutes or so on the island. So it is not crowded.

Low tide on the Friday that we visited was around 1:30 pm. Jim had checked that for us. So I knew what our window was. Though I wasn’t timing it that precisely we did happen to park opposite the island pretty close to 1:30 pm. So we knew we had 3 hours.

Interesting island. Some parts are not wooded. Just straight rock. There is a mini-Thunder Hole that is pretty easy to find. Nice views. Lots of ground vegetation and flora. Didn’t see any fauna per se. Lobster boats at work all around. Very peaceful. Tranquil. Glad we went. There are walking trails. They [i.e., Park Rangers] want you on the trails to avoid damaging the ground cover vegetation.

We enjoyed it. It was fun. We thanked Jim. So if you are in Acadia, and the tide is with you, give it a spin. On a nice day, when the tide times are favorable, I wouldn’t mind getting stranded on that island for 4 hours if I had some cheese, ham, nuts and red wine — and maybe a book. it would be cool. What can happen?

Click to access 5 minute photo-montage YouTube video with music.

Click to access 5 minute photo-montage YouTube video with music.

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