“Ruth & Wimpy’s” Restaurant In Hancock, ME (Schoodic Peninsula) — On The Way To Acadia National Park.

Deanna, the daughter of a Maine lobsterman, with “Wilbur” the giant lobster. Click to ENLARGE.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...

Anura Guruge

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A delightful eatery. My, actually our, kind of place. Kids loved it — and that I why I picked it.

It is on Route 1, in Schoodic, about 10 miles (I think) east of Ellsworth. Can’t miss it [but note that they are closed all day Sunday].

We went there for dinner Saturday night during our latest trip to Acadia.

The enchanting “Acadia View” bed & breakfast at which we stayed, true to their spirit of attention to details, had a big, thick binder of all the menus from the local eateries. After another day of strenuous (even by my standard) clamouring about in Acadia I sat on the deck, with its tranquil vista of Frenchman’s Bay, and leafed through the menus while sipping a glass of red and eating some nuts. Life, to me, does not get any better.

I chose “Ruth & Wimpy’s” because I saw that the menu would appeal to the kids.

I was right. They loved the place. They have all sorts of provocative signs, from the Internet, printed on letter size paper, pinned to their ceiling — such as one that talked about “natural airbags”. These signs appealed to the kid’s sense of humor though some, to be fair, begged the question whether they were appropriate. But, it was fun. I didn’t take the camera in because it was bucketing down with rain by the time we got there — around 7:45pm. I wish I had. We stopped by on Sunday, which is when I took the above pictures, but they are closed all day.

We had a selection of appetizers. I had the chicken cordon bleu while the girls had a quesdilla and chicken fingers. The food was good. It wasn’t affordable — it was downright cheap. That was a bonus.

Definitely going back even if we are staying in “Bar Harbor”. Will be worth the drive.

Check it out. You will love the entire experience. Guaranteed. Actually I can’t wait to go back.

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