Three Different Views Of Schoodic Peninsula, Maine, Around Acadia Park.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...

Anura Guruge

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Just trying to share some of the 890 pictures
I took during our latest visit to Acadia.

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Giant lobsterman at a lobster processing plant in “Prospect Harbor” on Route 186 just outside of Acadia National Park (Schoodic). I gather this sign in various forms has been around for decades and started off with him holding a large can of sardines — that being what the original processing plant did, i.e., sardines.

Quintessential “Down East” Maine humor. Saw this on Route 186 heading north to Route 1. I had to turn around and go back to take the picture. Cracked me up. Clever.

Wonderful MAGICAL antique store cum stunning photography gallery. It is owned by a famous photographer named Dean Kotula — who has just come back from a 3 month photography tour of India. I must write about him, this enchanting store and his gob smackingly amazing photographs. This was in Prospect Harbor.

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