Pope Francis’ Indian-Dominated Vatican Cricket Club Set To Vanquish The Infidel Anglicans.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access great coverage from the U.K. "The Guardian". Google for many more -- mainly, of course, from the British press.

Click to access great coverage from the U.K. “The Guardian”. Google for many more — mainly, of course, from the British press.

I do not believe that this is the first Vatican Cricket team or club. I am sure I have heard that there has been cricket at the Vatican in the past — albeit decades ago. Shades of the famous “Hollywood Cricket Club”. Anytime you get 30 or more British Commonwealth ex-pats in the same place cricket magically comes to be — Vatican or no Vatican.

The timing of this Pope Francis blessed cricket team could not, from my perspective, be better — and even “The Guardian” article starts off by talking of ‘divine intervention’.

Comes on the heals of my post about Sri Lanka’s Christian cricket captain, Angelo Matthews, thanking God for the Test Match victory against Pakistan in Galle. I am just not sure whether God really gets involved in arbitrating cricket match victories. Plus I am not sure God created ‘cricket’. IF he did why would be have permitted other sports like basketball and soccer. Cricket was perfection. He should have sat back and said: “Wow. I did good with cricket”. Mankind (and I don’t think he talks about women that much) would have been well served with just cricket.

Plus, as you must have realized, I have severe doubts as to the efficacy of Pope Francis’ prayer. Yes, I tend to use him as my Litmus Test because if his prayers don’t work what hope does a little guy, with a box strapped to his head, have in persuading God.

I will keep an eye on this Holy See team. If they thrash the Anglicans I will have to revisit my open and healthy skepticism re. prayer.

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