New Hampshire Lakes Still Very Swimmable In September 2014 — Though It May Already Be Start Of Foliage Season.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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That is Teischan with Braxton (the Beagle) around 5:45 pm, September 1, 2014 on Halfmoon Lake, N.H. The blob to the far right is Maya, the non-stop swimming Golden. She is swimming to the swim platform — the one I swim to. Click to ENLARGE.

Halfmoon Lake, looking towards Barnstead, from the Fernhill beach. Notice that there is but a tinge of foliage. Those are the two dogs. Click to ENLARGE.

I, for various reasons, hadn’t swum in 10 days. The last two times I had swum, both at our beach on Halfmoon Lake, Alton, N.H., it had been borderline cold.

We went to the beach around 5:30 pm yesterday, Labor Day — which happened to be September 1, 2014. That was a bit early for us, BUT ‘Sept. 1’ is a landmark for us on our beach. As of September 1 until Memorial Day we can take the dogs to the beach whenever; during the ‘Summer’ they can only go after 7pm.

I decided to give the water a try. Given the Biblical deluge that we had had the night before I fully expected the water to be too cold — at least for me. There was nobody out swimming — but that is par for the course ‘that late’ most evenings. Two very young kids playing close to the beach, but that doesn’t count because they don’t feel the cold as much as I do.

But when I ventured in, beyond my knees, I was pleasantly surprised. It was warm! It had actually warmed up since I last swam. Well the day time temps. have been higher we are going to have at least four 80°F days in a row this week.

So just want to let you know that the lakes in Central New Hampshire are still eminently swimmable right now — i.e., first week of September 2014 — even though we may also be talking Fall Foliage.

We are still messing around with the my refurbished Canon EOS Rebel T3i with 18-55mm IS II Lens.
Took these two pictures before we headed for the beach.

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