“Market Basket” Fort Eddy Road, Concord, New Hampshire — Monday, August 4: ‘Crunch Day’? Boycott Continues. YouTube.

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Anura Guruge

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Today, Monday, August 4, 2014 was supposed to be ‘crunch day’ — when they started sending out Pink Slips. The strike/boycott is now 3-week old.

We were in Concord and I wanted to AGAIN stop by and show my solidarity — and, of course, take some pictures. We stopped. Parking lot was near empty. A few employees ‘picketing’. Of course I went, pressed the flesh and chatted. They were all ‘off the clock’. They were not too worried about getting fired. They believe the retaliation will be aimed at those higher than them — especially so those running the warehouse. We talked about the option of closing the stores. Gather that has always been on the cards.

I went in as you will be able to see from the YouTube photo montage below. Maybe slightly more folks than on my last trip. But we are talking less than 10 customers in the whole store! Of those many were elderly and one in a motorized scooter. So you can feel for them.

Very sad. We miss not being able to shop at Market Basket. But I will NOT ‘break’ the strike. I am 100% with the striking workers. I applaud their commitment. This is a GREAT thing in labor relations and American society. Power to the workers. I hope Arthur T. prevails. All the BEST Market basket employees. We are with YOU.

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Worth watching — set to music.


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