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Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey ‘Built To Amaze’ Circus Coming To Manchester, NH, October 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Yes, the flyer advertising the local performances arrived yesterday, and I as ever got excited. I, probably even more so than the kids, am a sucker for circuses. Love them. Always loved them. Of course, finances permitting, we will go. We haven’t missed a Barnum & Bailey circus at the Verizon since 2008 (I think). If I do manage to rustle up the finances to get the tickets it would be the second circus of the year for us — we having just gone to the astounding ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ “Varekai” at the ‘Verizon’ In Manchester.

I keep on seeing stories about cruelty to elephants at circuses. That, of course, bothers me inordinately. I am probably even more of an ‘elephant person‘ than I am a ‘dog person‘! I keep on convincing myself that Barnum & Bailey are good to their animals. IF I am wrong then I have been had.

You can get tickets through TicketMaster though I would WARN YOU AGAINST that. Dealing with TicketMaster, in my opinion, is ONLY for confirmed, masochists. IF you really have an urge to buy tickets through TicketMaster this is what I suggest. First go get a fork. Then place your left hand on a hard surface and stab that hand as hard as you can with the fork. Then ask yourself again whether you really want to deal with the criminal TicketMaster. If you still have the urge, keep on stabbing yourself with the fork until you either pass away or that unnatural urge to deal with TicketMaster dissipates.

If I have the money I will, as always, go to the Verizon Arena box office and buy the tickets directly. They are incredibly helpful and I know the seats I want. The tickets will not be available from the Box Office as yet. I will call and find out when. 

Malaysian Air MH17, The Innocent Victims, The Montreal/Warsaw Conventions & Disaster Expert, Attorney Paul Monzione.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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As I have mentioned in a couple of recent posts, Alton resident Paul M. Monzione, whose main office is now in Wolfeboro, N.H., a one time partner of the legendary Melvin Belli, has successfully handled cases to do with KAL 007 (shot down by a Russian fighter), Pan Am Flight 103, Exxon Valdez, MGM Grand Hotel fire etc. etc. Check out his Website for the ‘fancy that’ list of clients he has represented, including Mohammed Ali and Zsa Zsa Gabor and all the other landmark cases he has been involved in. He has even taken the CIA to court!

I got a chance to have a fairly long chat with Paul this morning. As was predictable we got talking about Malaysian Air MH17. Paul knows of my interest in such matters and that I had done a lot of coverage of MH370. Paul, given all of his hands on experience with KAL 007 and Pan Am 103, sees, at least for now, a difference between these cases and the potential settlements for the MH17 victims. The 1999 Montreal Convention (that amended the long-in-the-tooth Warsaw Convention) has a cap of around US $138,000 per airline victim UNLESS negligence can be proved in the case of the crew, the airline or any of the aviation authorities involved with that flight.

In the case of KAL 007 the ‘Inertial Navigation System‘ (a precursor to GPS) had been incorrectly programmed when the flight left Alaska. The pilot when he discovered this was reluctant to admit his fault. So he tried, surreptitiously, to try and correct it by radioing a fellow KAL pilot, on another flight to Korea, and trying to get coordinates that he could use to better determine his flight path. Paul and his team managed to obtain transcripts of these radio communications that proved that the KAL 007 pilot knew that his navigational system was not correctly programmed. That was enough to show negligence.

In the case of Pan Am 103 airlines had received a warning to look out for explosives hidden in a specific make of ‘Boom Box’. Pan Am had been negligent in heeding this warning — which was spot on in terms of the make of ‘Boom Box’.

With MH17 Paul is not sure if such negligence can be established. If it can he knows that he can get the families of the victims a much better settlement than what they currently will get per the Montreal Convention. Ditto for MH370. I think IF you are in anyway involved with the MH17 disaster it would behoove you to have a chat with Paul Monzione. Not too many people with his unique experience when it comes to BOTH KAL 007 and Pan Am 103. You can call Paul at: 603-569-9599. [Don’t tell him I told you to call!]

Click to access BBC coverage.

Click to access BBC coverage.

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