2014 Brazil World Cup, July 13: Pope vs. Ex-Pope, Argentina v. Germany — Is God Playing Favorites?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.... .. ... .. .


by Anura Guruge

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popes2014fifa56This, of course, is not the first Argentina v. Germany World Cup FINAL, but it is the first time we have had ANY World Cup Final when there has been a living pope and an ex-pope, each representing one of the countries.

This is like God’s personal referendum — who will “I” (in this case God (not I))  please, the outgoing, amazingly popular, bubbly, soccer-made Argentinian Francis or the dour, serious, retiring, but scholarly German Ratzinger (who probably cares not a jot for any sport).

It really should be the Pope’s WIN — i.e., Argentina.

Francis is THE POPE.

Ratzinger is BUT the ex-pope.

They are not peers. One is THE Vicar of Christ on Earth, the other is like Sarah Palin, an official that resigned mid-term.

God, unless he is even more fickle than we invariably expect him (or is it her) to be, can’t, or shouldn’t, favor an ex-pope over a current pope.

When we have the current President and all the ex-Presidents attending public events, the reigning President, as is his due and right, always gets precedence and deference. Should be the same here.

Argentina has to WIN.

If Argentina doesn’t win … OMG!

I am with Francis. He is THE POPE.

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