18th Anniversary Of Famed Trial Lawyer, Jack Ruby’s Pro Bono Attorney, Melvin Mouron Belli’s Death.

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The start of the Wikipedia entry. Click to access.

The start of the Wikipedia entry. Click to access.

bellibook11aI was not aware of him until recently. But then when I was told about him and did some reading about him I was in total awe. Quite the author too, though, judging from the dual names that appear on the cover of some of his books, he appears to have written in books in conjunction with a professional writers. That is OK. He was a busy guy. The cases he tackled is just amazing. He seems to have done a lot to further the cause of personal injury liability. He went after Dow Corning for faulty breast implants though that didn’t work out quite as well as he would have liked.

When I got to this part of his Wikipedia entry I knew I liked him and that someday I will have to pursue this story further.


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My Man, Desmond? Desmond? Well he is not Catholic. Shades of Nehru and Lady Mountbatten. I keep on promising myself that I have to dig into this. Desmond, you dog.

So how did I gain this new found appreciation of the “King of Torts“? It was when I was told that Melvin Belli was the mentor of Alton-resident Paul Monzione, the Trial Lawyer, whose primary office is in Wolfeboro, N.H. This is what it says on Paul Monzione’s Website:


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Paul, who tends to be busy, has managed to tell me a few stories about him and Belli. I want more. Given a chance I would love to write a book about Paul and Belli, especially if Paul can share any information about Desmond. Paul was at the divorce trial. Anyway check out Paul’s Website. There is some interesting stuff in there too about all the famous cases he has represented such as  R.J. Reynolds, KAL 007, Pan Am Flight 103, MGM Grand Hotel fire etc. etc. It is late. Busy day tomorrow. Must go to bed. Maybe I will dream about Desmond and his exploits!

Click to access Paul's website.

Click to access Paul’s website.

So, I just wanted to make sure that I got this anniversary in the ‘books’. Thanks Paul.

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