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Argentina Defaults On Its Bonds, Argentinian Pope, Francis, ‘All Talk, No Trousers’, Just Fingers His Cross.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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I even Googled to see whether this, ‘all photo op, NO ACTION‘ pope, Argentinian through-and-through by birth, even admitted to praying that Argentina would avoid this painful default. Nothing. Nada. Not that the pope’s prayers do anything! That we now know. So maybe, thank God, he has worked out that he shouldn’t go around bandying that he prayed for this and prayed for that because his prayers are totally and utterly useless. IF you don’t believe me check the news to see what is happening in Gaza.

Even if his prayers are useless the pope, if he was a man of conviction, commitment and action, can — and should — help his native Argentina. The pope, unilateral, without the need for any approval and with NO oversight, has access to BILLIONS of DOLLARS worth of assets. He should pour some of these Billions into Argentina. John Paul II (#265), who was ‘action man’, had no compunctions about channeling millions to Lech Wałęsa in Poland to help his cause. Yes, Francis is NO John Paul II. Francis isn’t even a John Paul I (#264). Francis is but the Sarah Palin at the Vatican — just a photo-op Pope.

Do you get a feeling that I may be slightly mad at this pope. Maybe. I am still smarting over his ‘One in 50’ paedophile claim two weeks ago. Oh, do NOT get me wrong. I believe him. I am even willing to believe his allegation that, per that ‘One in 50’ we have 5 (yes, 5) paedophile cardinals poncing around. My anger is that it is ALWAYS all words. Has he defrocked a single cardinal, archbishop, bishop, monsignor or priest. Nada. He just walks around fingering his cross. All this said, I like him. He does appear to be somewhat genuine. It is just that he doesn’t do anything. He seems to think that he has no power when he has so much power that it must give poor Putin nightmares of envy — on a grand scale.

Francis PLEASE do something. Do anything. But prove that you are a man and not some ghostly hologram that floats around looking for photo-ops.

Being Able to Text ‘Smell’! The Next BIG Thing. 21st Century ‘Scratch & Sniff’.

Click to buy, for $28.94, from

Click to buy, for $28.94, from

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I happened to hear about this, as a ‘teaser’, on CNBC this morning, around 9:47, just as I was getting ready to go for my run. So I hit the record button so that I would be able to watch the ‘segment’ when I got back — while brushing my teeth. I couldn’t find the segment. So, I Google it instead and found the above.

While I appreciate smell, smell is not a big factor in my life and never has been. Plus, I do not, and never have, texted. Probably goes back to my lifelong aversion to pagers. Though I spent decades in high-profile, customer support roles I always managed to avoid having carry a pager. And as some know, I, though I have one, am NOT known to carry a cell phone around with me. The joke in the family is that I and my cell are rarely ever in the same place. I like my independence and I think, deep down, it is a reflection of what was my lifestyle for about 30 years. Anyhow … I do NOT see myself ever wanting to TEXT SML.

But, of course, I can see the possibilities. You can just see the headlines. ‘Weiners’ will no longer restrict themselves just to pictures. It would be pictures with an attachment of smell. OH, the poor ladies. I can just see demands that would be made of them. Oh, dear. Well, as many of you know, they sell …. used … for those that like the smell! Just think what the market would be when you can TXT SML. I can already get a whiff of the CraigsList ads!

I do remember when ‘scratch & sniff’ came out. I had to go look and, of course, given that I knew what words to type, found the first adult offering. 1977. That makes sense. I was 23 – 24. I was coming to the U.S. for visits — given that I was working for IBM. Of course I remember buying adult magazines that promised ‘scratch & sniff’. I was curious and was any new technology intrigued me. I know it was disappointing — but then again I am extremely tactile. So I was not a good target.

From what I can see the so called ‘oPhone’ technology is too complicated. Basically we need to digitize the “frequencies” (and that is NOT the right term, I know) of smell. Then as with voice or video we can ‘DAT’ it back — Digital-to-Analog transformation. What we then need, and I know they are already doing some of this with SIGHT, is to be able to transmit the ‘signals’, via probes, directly into the brain. So recreate the SENSATION of the smell, within your brain, rather than having to re-create the smell. I am sure that we are within 15 years of being able to do this effectively. Check around. Google. They do have the technology to directly interact with the brain. Exciting stuff.

But, LADIES. Please. Please, don’t indulge the pervs. Just tell them NO! Worst case agree to send them a WHIFF of the perfume you are wearing and FIRMLY draw the line at that.

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