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An Appeal To All Buddhists From Sri Lanka? I Don’t Agree BUT I Am Willing To Promote & Discuss.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.Sri Lanka Vesak stamps Anura Guruge


Anura Guruge

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I got this, verbatim (and these are screenshots), in an e-mail this morning, unsolicited, from a person who I do not know
and, for a change, I could not see who else was on the list because this person knew how to use ‘bcc’. Wow.

This appeal both amused and ‘angered’ me.

This is what I think of and refer to as
‘Radical, Nationalistic Sri Lankan Buddhism’.

It bothers me though I am no longer a Buddhist or a Sri Lankan.

To me the MAGIC of growing up Buddhist in Ceylon (as it was then called)
in the 1950s and 1960s was the
inter-religious interactions 
and tolerance
(though I do remember, vividly, riding a tricycle, with the small white flag,
when I was 3, chanting, in Sinhalese, that ‘war cry’
of ‘We don’t want two languages, just Sinhalese’
and I realize that this was the thin end of the wedge
when it came to Nationalistic Buddhism).

When I was told that I have relatives involved in the inane effort
to claim that Buddha was actually born in Sri Lanka
I couldn’t help but laugh.

I understand where these folks are coming from.

But, I do NOT agree with them.

There is no reason to be defensive about Buddhism.

It should be able to stand-up on its own two feet without this
need for artificial buttressing.

But, I am not in position to really criticise.

I have no skin in the game.

Just an ex-Buddhist and an ex-Sri Lankan
who remembers growing up in what was a wonderful
multi-ethnic, multi-religious society.

My surrogate father, who was a bigger influence in my life
than my adopted father, 
was Baptist.

I had at least one cousin who was Christian.

I had an uncle, from marriage. “Massy Mamma”, who was very dear to me,
the person who introduced me to my lifelong love affair with wrist watches —
and in addition kept me in leather cricket balls —
whose mother was a Roman Catholic.
He didn’t profess to be on any religion.
In his hey day, he owned much of large and famous village.

At least 4 times a week, if not more, we would
visit the house of a prominent Muslim.
Yes, he was a Senator and one of the richest
men on the Island. A very educated and nice man.
My love for the Encyclopedia Britannica is from him.
He had a beautiful library and even though I was
not even a teenager he would give me full access to it.
We had a Britannica at home BUT his set was
Ultra Deluxe.
As it happens I bought a used set,
40 years later just on the memory.

There were only 2 people who were authorized to come and 
pick me up from my school (since I was potential kidnap target).
One of them was the Muslim driver of this Muslim family.

Our neighbors were Christian and they were very much family.

My mother taught Pali and played the piano for their daily church service
at the “Colombo Baptist School for Girls”.
She was an ardent Buddhist.
A Buddhist’s Buddhist.

But there were no barriers.

So this isolationist stuff doesn’t sit well with me.

The appeal not to sell property to non-Buddhist cracked me up!

I think I am going to go into Business just to foil that.
I will be the agent for any non-Buddhist that wants to buy property from a Buddhist.

Anyway … I found this SAD.

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buddhistappeal1 buddhistappeal2 buddhistappeal3

Three Detonated Bombs Found At Halfmoon Lake?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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That is our lake — the one that we have beach rights to.
Though we are in Alton, rather than Barnstead.

This about 3/4 mile from where we are.


Didn’t know about it till this morning because we had been at Acadia National Park for the last three days.

Our ‘Beach Community’ got an e-mail on Wednesday but I didn’t check my e-mails till this morning.

‘Funny thing’: they had the annual Community meeting this morning but nobody brought it up!

Typically I have a quick scan of WMUR between midnight and 1 am before I go to bed.
But, on Tuesday night I went to bed ‘early’, around 11:45 pm because I had to be
up at 5:30 am for the trip and I was going to do all the driving.
So I never got around to checking WMUR and I rarely
watch WMUR in the morning.

To be fair we hear a LOT of fireworks from that part of the Lake
every Summer. I am sure I heard ‘bangs’ over the weekend,
typically around 10pm, but that is par for the course.


Click to access WMUR coverage.


Latest coverage from the ‘Concord Monitor’. Click to access.

3 Days At Acadia National Park — Even Better The Second Time Around.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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 Grand Canyon Experience — Apr. 27, 2013.

A quick montage from the 298 pictures I took with my camera on Day 2 & 3. Deanna must have have more on her camera and Devanee took quite a few 'selfies' with her 'Selfie camera' [yes, a camera with a front facing view finder]. I will, in time, put up many of these pictures, in enlargeable form, in a 'gallery'. OK?

A quick montage from the 298 pictures I took with my camera on Day 2 & 3. Deanna must have have more on her camera and Devanee took quite a few ‘selfies’ with her ‘Selfie camera’ [yes, a camera with a front facing view finder]. I will, in time, put up many of these pictures, in enlargeable form, in a ‘gallery’. OK?

 Well, as anyone who has been to that delectable island knows, it is never, or it should never be, the Acadia National Park alone — though you could easily spend weeks just exploring its myriad beauties, delights and mysteries. This was our second trip, as a family, and this time we wanted to do even more stuff outside of the Park — but we were in the Park for some part of each of the three days and at the express behest of the kids went up to the summit of Cadillac Mountain towards the end of each day. The Summit on Thursday evening, around 8:20 pm, was special. We were the only ones there! Only two vehicles at the top: our KIA and a maroon truck. Bit don’t know where the folks from the truck were. It was misty and damp and the clouds were blowing across, low and fast. We didn’t spend much time up there. Did a quick short loop. Teischan loves to run around the top.

Gather it is the 10th most visited National Park in the country. I will have to find the list. We love it. Until last September I had never been and neither had the kids. Deanna, who is from Maine, had gone as a child, but not in some 30 years. So last September’s visit was kind of a ‘first’ for all of us. Though we had gone to the Grand Canyon in April the kids liked Acadia as much. Acadia is different and therein lies its charm. It has variety and diversity but it is very New England. Nothing too overly dramatic, the rock vistas imposing and impressive as opposed to breathtaking — and the ‘The Grand’ still takes my breath away though I have been to it over eight times and have stayed there for a few days at a time on a number of those occasions. Anyhow, while we were still there in September the kids started talking about coming back — soon.

So this was about ‘as soon’ as we could make it back since they had also wanted to go to Disney in April. Well, to be fair this trip was Deanna’s idea and wish. Yesterday, June 27, was Deanna’s birthday. We typically do something or go somewhere for our birthdays. Going Whale Watching used to be the tradition for my birthday in September. But last year I said “lets go to Acadia” for my birthday, and we did take the kids out of school for a day, since I celebrate my birthday on my birthday as opposed to some arbitrary date close to it, because we had just spent time, in Boston, with two Sri Lankan couples who were coming down from Acadia and were raving about how beautiful it was. Well about six weeks ago Deanna let it be known that she too wanted to go to Acadia for her birthday — we having gone to Ocean Park in Maine for her birthday last year.

So that is what we did. I made reservations five weeks ago knowing that weather could be an issue. But her birthday was Friday and we were going to be there on Friday. Atypically for us we have a crazy busy Summer. So there wasn’t any leeway. We had to go Wed+Thur+Fri. We had to be in Alton Sat. & Sunday. As it transpired we lucked out. It was supposed to bucket down Thursday and it sure rained hard in the ‘early’ morning. We made one of our landmark lazy starts and didn’t leave the hotel room till 10:50 am. We drove, straight away, to Jordan Pond for brunch — seeing two deer in the process, the first we had seen on the Island. The rain had stopped when we got there. We had a great leisurely lunch with a lot of their trademark baked popovers — and I, for the first time in 19 months, cheated on my diet to see what the fuss was all about! To me they were a combination of Yorkshire Pudding eaten like scones! Not sure if others will agree.

I will try and do an ‘Acadia’ post a day for the next week or so to cover everything. This trip, in addition to ‘the Park’, the ‘Loop Road’, Cadillac Summit, Thunder Hole, Schooner Lookout etc. etc., we did Carriage Roads, Eagle Lake, Seal Harbor, Northeast Harbor, the delightful (and well hidden) “Cooksey Drive Overlook” (where you do have to clamor down rocks), Asticou Azalea Garden and a 2-hour nature cruise. It was all good. Ate out quite a bit too and had very good experiences. Great place. Natives and even those from Poland and Siberia working in the restaurants were very friendly — and it was a shock to be told that winters in Siberia are NOT as bad as those in Maine because the air is ‘drier’. So, time permitting I will share all this with you. Cheers.

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This trip to Acadia was for Deanna’s birthday on Friday, June 27, 2014. This was the day before on Seal Beach.


Anura Guruge, June 27, 2014, Schooner Head point, Acadia National Park, Maine

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