The Legendary Gordon Lightfoot Will Be In Wolfeboro, N.H. With “Great Waters Music Festival” on July 11, 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access Wolfeboro, NH “Great Waters Music Festival” site and buy tickets. A few still available.


Click to access semi-official Website.


Click to access A Facebook page.


Click to enjoy one of many, many Gordon Lightfoot YouTube videos.

If you put aside, as you must, the Remembrance DayRed Poppy” and the cleverly designed Eicon Aviva Web-to-host products (and I have to say that), Gordon Lightfoot has to be, indubitably, the BEST thing that has ever come out of Canada alongside Cirque Du Soleil (of course) and Cirque Alfonse — the ‘Brigadoons and the ‘Glengarry Bhoys‘ coming next. We won’t even talk about the benighted “Northern Telecom” (NT) and everything associated with them (including the pension they stole from me). So that is it … right. Can’t think of anything else of note from Canada other than rhetoric and though I consume a mid-size pig every few days, I have never been much on bacon.

I have liked Gordon since his heyday in the early 1970s. He was BIG in the U.K. probably because of the Commonwealth connection. I used to have nearly all of records. Not sure whether I kept any of the vinyls. I will have to look.

I have seen him live once before. Long time ago. In 1980 in Phoenix Arizona. I think it was in Tempe or Mesa. It was an outdoor amphitheatre. Think Arizona in June or July. Weather was not an issue. What I remember most is all the planes, small private planes, flying about overhead. At least one carried a lighted sign. A billboard in the sky. Like everything you do in Arizona it was a lot of fun. But that was a long time ago. 34 years ago.

Well it looks like I might get to see Gordon Lightfoot again. Maybe, with luck, maybe even meet him.

Devanee, after her exploits with “Clearlakes Chorale” over the last 2 years, is going to be signing with the “Great Waters Festival Chorus” for their “Evening of Broadway” performance on July 19, 2014. As has Clearlakes, always, “Great Waters” is being very kind to Devanee. She was given a ‘scholarship’ to cover all her costs. So we were very happy and thankful. The very kind friend from Clearlakes who is also involved with Great Waters that made this all possible for Devanee also suggested that we should volunteer. That was not a problem. We like to volunteer and I believe in volunteering. We always help out with Clearlakes. These days I do the house lights (the only lights we have) and the temperature. So we all, bar Teischan who is too young, volunteered. We have got a ‘ton’ of assignments. I, given my supposed ‘fitness’, am a stagehand at a number of the concerts including the Gordon Lightfoot concert. That is supposed to be the most arduous of the volunteer shifts. I am supposed to be there, for each concert, from 1 pm till ~10:30 pm (with a one hour break around 5 pm). I guess we help setup the sound and lights. I don’t know. I have yet to be put to the test. IF I end up as a stagehand, as I am now supposed to be, at the July 11 concert, the chances are fairly good that I should see Gordon. That would be nice.

I admire him. I will keep you posted.

We attended the Great Waters volunteer orientation meeting at the Wolfeboro “Inn on Main” yesterday afternoon. That was fun. We got our handbook and badges. That is why we couldn’t make it to the Laconia Airport Open House. Bit bummed about that because we had so much fun last year and met so many great people — dear Ray Burton among them.

They said that there were still SOME tickets available for Gordon Lightfoot. So IF you want to see him get cracking. Clicking here will take you to the buy tickets page.


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