Pope Francis, I Entreat YOU, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Pray For Argentina In The World Cup. Please.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access “Huffington Post” original.

Some of the above links or a quick search of this blog for ‘prayer’ will show, conclusively, that I do not believe in prayer.

How can I? Pope Benedict XVI (#266) and all the U.S. Catholic prelates, in November 2012, PRAYED for Obama to lose. Obama WON. I wrote a post about it: “They Prayed, He WON …”.

Though I grew up in a household that fervently believed in the power of prayer I soon gave up on prayer as I became an adult. I just can’t rationalize the workings of prayer, irrespective of religion, and I chose, as is my right, only to believe in things that make sense to me. When I hear that an adult has spent 4 hours in prayer, it genuinely makes me doubt his rationality. I will never tell anyone NOT to pray and I regularly get e-mails, mainly from Catholics, that they are praying for me — some praying that I will come to believe in prayer — I personally am beyond skeptical about prayer.

A young, very devout Catholic, who was very impressed with my books on popes asked me what I prayed for. He was speechless when I told him I do not pray. At 23 he could NOT imagine an adult who did not pray.

Well, I don’t pray. Haven’t for 40 years or more.

But, IF the pope can convince me that HIS PRAYERS, and he does have an unfair advantage over everybody else, in that he is the OFFICIAL, anointed Vicar of Christ on Earth — i.e., Christ’s representative on Earth — I might be willing to rethink my abject aversion to everything associated with prayer.

Well the last pope failed when it came to Obama, but he was German. And lets NOT forget that in WW II both sides prayed to God, to the same God and only one side won and another group got rather badly treated. I guess they didn’t know how to pray properly.

So, Papa Francis, though as a Brit we are not too fond of Argentina (and you should have seen me the night we beat you in the Falklands War), PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for Argentina to do well in the World Cup.

You saying you are not going to pray is BOGUS. You are just worried that your prayers will go unanswered as was the case in November 2012 and I assume the Falklands War.

You are Christ’s Vicar. Christ should heed your prayers. Please pray. Prove that prayers work and that Obama’s victory was meant to be.

Thank YOU, Pope.

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