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Alton Central School (ACS), N.H.: Does ACS Have Cameras Inside The School And If Not, Why Not?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access original from the “Concord Monitor”.

Read what it says in this very germane and topical Concord Monitor article — from March 2014.

Cost at Hopkinton seems reasonable.

I could as ever be wrong but I suspect that having cameras at ACS will be getting some attention over the next few weeks.

So this is just a heads up.

Ask yourself IF you are an ACS parent: wouldn’t you feel safer and happier IF you knew that there were cameras that could tell us all sorts of things?

Talking of cameras — do all the buses used by ACS now have cameras? They were supposed to. We know that some didn’t ’20 months’ ago when Devanee got slapped on her face, leaving fingerprints, on the bus — on the way home. That is when we took her out of ACS and homeschooled her for a year. We were told at that point, as was to be expected, that she happened to be on one of the ‘few’ buses that didn’t have cameras.

Tefina, A Possible Miracle Drug — A Nasal Spray To Facilitate Female Orgasms. Hallelujah.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



by Anura Guruge

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Full Disclosure

trimelchart1a I went and bought shares in the Toronto (Canada) based “Trimel Pharmaceuticals” as soon as I read about Tefina. I put my money where my mouth is, though I realize that some of you, with totally the wrong mind set, will misconstrue that statement. It is a ‘penny stock’ and even in my permanently precarious pecuniary circumstances I can still afford one or two penny stock. I plan to load up on Trimel whenever I can. So just letting you know. I now have both financial and emotional interest in Trimel and Tefina.




Link to Tefina product description and Phase II study results.

Anura Guruge orgasm a day better than apple a day

That orgasms in general, but female orgasms in particular, is a cause very dear to my heart is no secret.

My interest in all facets of human orgasm is well known to all that know me and I have openly stated it in ‘About the Blogger‘ since about Day 1.

My ‘”O”-a-day’ precept, graphically shown above, has been heard by anybody who has spent any length of meaningful time with me. It has been a guiding principle, a core precept of my life, for decades.

Check with any doctor and I have discussed this topic, very productively and with relish, with many and they will agree that orgasms are extremely good for you — whether male or female. For males it is THE BEST preventive drug against prostate enlargement — as I talked about here (but also take ‘Cadura‘ to be on the safeside). The hormones released every time you have an orgasm are so beneficial to your body and mind. There are no known negatives to having a fair number of orgasms a day — even every day — and that fair number could be 7 – 9 a day for men and upwards of 20 for a woman! What I tell men is that by the time they get to 40 they should be well ahead of averaging one orgasm a day for every day of their life, which for 40 years means 14,600 lifetime orgasms, and should be building up a healthy reserve so that they will still have a one-a-day ‘batting’ average, per each day of their life, when they get to 70 [25,550 orgasms]. Piece of cake. That is my general guideline for females too, THOUGH they, and I am very happy for them, can EASILY beat that. And Tefina might help.

This year is going to my year of the BIG “O”.

Deanna will be delighted. Kind of nice that your wife is your biggest fan when it comes to my interest and passion in orgasms. She has told me for 10 years that I should write a book about it. This year, as soon as I finish my latest pope book, I will start. Writing a pope book, where sex does come up, is good practice for warming up for a book on orgasms. [OK. Yes, I could have use another word but I show restrain.]

Anyway, just like with breastfeeding I have no time for prudes that have issues talking about orgasms. Orgasms are the MOST NATURAL thing in the whole World. Unless you were born using sperm extracted with a needle (and as far as I know that only represents about 0.0001% of the world population) you are here because SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE had an orgasm! Think about it. It is the SPARK of life. Yes, with luck, before this year is out I will have a dedicated blog just about orgasms. And yes, I probably will post on that daily even if it means I wind this blog down. I am sure I will attract a small readership. Might not be the 700/day that I have on this blog a day [and I thank YOU] but I get a feeling that there are one or two people out there, who like me, are passionate about their orgasms.

Here is to YOU — an “O” a Day!

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