Buddhism, Supposedly, Is The 2nd Largest Religious Tradition In 13 (All ‘Western’) American States! Wow.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.Sri Lanka Vesak stamps Anura Guruge


Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE this intriguing map. Use link below to access the 'Washington Post' article  ...

Click to ENLARGE this intriguing map. Use link below to access the ‘Washington Post’ article …

Click to access the ‘Washington Post’ article with the maps.

Click to ENLARGE this map also. Use link above for original ...

Click to ENLARGE this map also. Use link above for original …

I saw the first of these maps, with the mind-blowing swath of yellow (exactly as in the robes of Buddhist monks) dominating the western U.S., at exactly 1 am this morning. That, i.e., 1am, is usually when I finish my 3rd shift. I have one last quick look at Google News to make sure that nothing has changed since 11 am and that all is copasetic with the world — and there is nothing that I have to take care of. I saw the headline. I am very careful about what stories I bother to read because I so carefully ration my time. I kind of assumed that the ‘2nd religion’ would be Catholicism and all that I was going to see was lots of states, in the east, marked as being ‘closet’ Catholic. But, I was still a bit curious. So I clicked on it. AM I GLAD I DID.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Who would have thought — though I am not 100% convinced by these findings.

I still, though I did a quick Wiki, have no clue as to what the heck Baha’i is? Do you?

That Hinduism is Arizona’s second religion JUST cracks me up — no end. That is a beauty. We were in Arizona two years ago and I don’t recall seeing that many, if any, curry-eaters (though we didn’t spend that much time in Phoenix).

The 2nd map, the county-by-county, makes more sense to me. I expected to see Asian domination in places like New Jersey, Virginia, L.A. etc.

As one who was a purist Buddhist before I saw the light — folks in the U.S. who claim to be Buddhist amuse me — but then again, if the truth be known, most things amuse me, which is why I smile so much.

If you talk to U.S. Buddhist they immediately start prattling on about meditation. Give me a break! Meditation is neither here nor there. If you are a Buddhist start talking serious REINCARNATION with me. thinking that ‘meditation’ is the crux of Buddhism is like saying that Catholicism is all about burning incense! Give me a break.

Plus all these U.S. Buddhists that believe in a grossly obese, FAT BUDDHA. Give me a break. Pigs will fly. Buddha, or to be precise, Gautama Buddha was many things, a dead-beat dad among them, BUT there is one thing about him that I am 100% sure about. He was unlikely to have been fat, even overweight. That much I have worked out.

I need more time to think about this map and what it means. Wow. Not great news for Judaism but I can rationalize that. A (secretly very devout) Catholic acquaintance of mine (via, of course, my ‘Pope and Papacy’ blog) a high-ranking member of ‘KFC’ (as I call them) told me recently: “We consider Jews to be PERFECT Catholics”! I, immediately, knew what he meant. Cracked me up.

Anywho ….

Pretty interesting … right?

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