Vatican Walks Back Pope Francis’ Latest ‘Off The Cuff’, Imprudent Remarks About Divorced Catholics And Communion.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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‘Vatican Information Service’ wasted NO TIME in walking back the pope’s statement. This is kind of unprecedented. Basically the Holy See Press Office is putting the pope back in his place! Click to access original at VIS.


Click to read, as ever, very good, ‘The Telegraph’ coverage from the U.K.

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Click to read TIME coverage on the matter.

Why the pope keeps on doing this is puzzling. He, as the Vatican quite rightly points out in their statement, is just causing confusion and bewilderment. See link referenced above.

Of course he has the power to change this ruling. He is ALL powerful in all matters other than clerical sex crimes. In that, all popes, by definition are impotent — as they have all clearly proved.

Divorced people getting communion is a very thorny and emotive issue.

I know of two, rather prominent Catholic males, both divorced, one more than once, that insists on getting communion though they know they shouldn’t! The one that is divorced multiple times is, moreover, a HIGH RANKING ‘Knights of Columbus‘ official! He shouldn’t b. Per the rules of KFC he shouldn’t even be a member — because he is not a Catholic of ‘high standing’.

That Catholics feel a need to get communion when they know that that, per the Church, is a SIN is baffling to me. You are committing a sin, that you can easily avoid, to atone your soul.

As I have always maintained, it is very confusing and baffling to be a Catholic — even a Catholic male.

This pope is not helping matters.

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