Phone Power $60/Year For Unlimited VoIP Calls Seems Only Viable Option With Obihai Technology Now That Google Voice Is History.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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In OBiTalk under ‘Approved Service Providers’.



Click to access ‘Phone Power’.

I only saw this ‘Phone Power’ $60/year option, with OBi, for my OBi110, on Saturday.

Well it is $60/year than I am currently going and I, of course, foresee it going up over time — whatever OBi will claim.

Well that is in the MagicJack+ or NetTalk range. So I can’t complain much.

I did an online CHAT with their support over the weekend. Outstanding. I was impressed. So at least I know that they have ‘on the ball’ humans, on call, if I run into trouble.

I wish I can say that about Obihai. I get the distinct impression that they have packed up their tent and gone away. Scary.

I will keep you posted — of course. Stay tuned.

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