Malaysian Airlines MH370: Why Is Malaysian (Poorly) Acting Transport Minister, Today, Asking, Again, For Prayer? Is God That Callous?

Anura Guruge, June 8,


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access original coverage from 'The Straits Times'. Google for more. Check CNS.

Click to access original coverage from ‘The Straits Times’. Google for more. Check CNS.

Why is this clown, Hishammuddin Hussein, the ACTING (and at that he is really a pitiful one) Transport Minister for Malaysia, today, yet again calling for prayers to help find the Malaysian Air MH370.

The NEED for prayer always confounds me and even more so in the context of tragedies like this or the inane South Korean ferry disaster.

First of all, coming from him, who is he expecting people to pray to?

I have seen Malaysians praying in Buddhist temples. That cracks me up. You can’t, at least if you know your Buddhism (as I do), pray to Buddha. You pray to Buddha because by his own definition he no longer exists — he has reached the state of nirvana. That means he has ceased to exist. In my book you can’t pray to a person or thing that doesn’t exist. Excuse me if I am harsh, but that seems kind of dumb — praying to somebody who has clearly stated “I will be no more”!

But in the case of this ‘Hussein’ he must be praying to the Abrahamic God.

But what is the implication. God, by now, 43 or 44 days (whatever), must know what happened.

Why do YOU have to PRAY for God to intercede at this stage?

Catholics tell me all the time that God does not interfere with Man’s free will. But they still pray.

To me prayer is disrespectful to God! God, by definition, is omnipotent.

You don’t need to pray. God already knows! Trust me on this. God already knows.

So, I would like some clarification from this Malaysian gasbag as to why he is talking about prayer.

Plus nobody is going to believe his hand gestures. Yea. That BIG? What? Your stupidity. No. No. It is much bigger. Stretch out your hands all the way so that they touch each other around your back … and then you can say: ‘that is how stupid I am’.


I asked this weeks ago, I will ask it again:

Can you find wreckage of MH370 off Australia
IF there is no wreckage there, because that is NOT where the plane is?

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