South Korea, With The Sunken Ferry TRAGEDY, Vying With Malaysia In The Asian Stupidity Rankings.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Trust me, it has never been easy to be an Asian.

Some of us have aspired, much of our life, to dispel some of the stereotyping. So, it makes me hopping mad when I see Asians making fools of themselves on a regular basis as has become the norm with the bloody Malaysians and the unfortunate and confounding Malaysian Air MH370 disappearance. Fortunately now much of the world has finally got around to realizing what I started saying much, much earlier. The Malaysians are clueless. This MH370 event is way outside of capacity of their intellectual envelope. I felt bad for them for a few days. Not anymore. I, like the families of the survivors, have nothing but total contempt for their incompetence, duplicity and arrogance.

Now we get this ferry tragedy. The poor kids. The poor parents. Bloody captain, like his cowardly Italian counterpart, scurries off the sinking ship. Somebody should have pushed him back in the water and told him to get the hell back on — as the Italian coward was told.

At least with the Koreans I had worked out, conclusively, last year that they are stupid. Why? Lying about KIA & Hyundai mileage — and then trying to divert payments from customers like us … They had to be stupid to think that they could have got away with that. Yes, they could have pulled such duplicity off in Malaysia BUT not here.

And now this. Telling the kids to stay in the sinking ferry! That is criminal.

I still don’t see them cutting any holes in the hull. Yes, I know they still have some access from the other side — but for expediency, they should also cut holes on the hull. Time is of the essence. The whole rescue effort looks like a comedy of errors.

IF they ferry, with that many people, that close to shore, sank off New England, how many people do you think would still be trapped inside? We would have got them out.

ONLY ONE (1) LIFEBOAT LAUNCHED. What is this Titanic — the bloody Korean sequel?

I am so fed up with Asians acting stupid. Please. Can we try and engage some grey matter.

Sorry for the RANT. But, I have to continue living as an Asian till I die.

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