Teischan’s My 8 Years On Earth Timeline For School — Very Cool.

Teischan’s own personal Website that she has had since the very day she was born! Click to access.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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This was a 2nd grade assignment. Earlier in the year they had done Lincoln’s timeline in class and now it was their turn.

They had about 10 days to get it done. Teischan was excited from the get-go, and that her teacher will laminate it (for free), if requested, excited her even more.

Typically this would have been something she would have done with Deanna. They are into doing crafts together. But Deanna has been indisposed this last week so I had to step in. Though I am fairly methodical about naming our picture files, with typically one for each month and then ad hoc ones for special events, it is amazing how many picture folders we have. Going through 8 years of folders was not easy — but fun.

It was definitely a worthwhile exercise and much kudos for her teacher — who is very very good (and also taught Devanee previously). I enjoyed doing it.

Being who I am I first did a PowerPoint ‘page’ for each year and copied the pictures onto that page. That way she wouldn’t get them mixed up PLUS we could minimize the ‘expensive’ photo paper Teischan insisted on using to print the pictures. She drew the house, that we moved into in 2007, and did the lettering. Teischan can be a riot. Look closely at the ‘2008’ pictures on the very top image. 3rd picture from the top — right at the end. That is where she is standing next to a BIG Golden that is 3/4 her height. That was Ulysses in his glory. He was 7 years old and in peak condition. Teischan is standing next to him buck naked. Deanna takes (or took) pictures of the kids with no clothes and let them cavort around nude. I cropped off the bottom part since that wasn’t going to fly. So it was her, 3 years old with Ulysses topless. She told me the picture was fine. Then LATER she told me that she colored in a T-shirt! That cracked me up BUT what is amazing is how well she did it. IF I hadn’t told you you would never notice that that is a hand colored T-shirt she is wearing. Mind boggles what she will do when she masters PhotoShop (or equivalent).

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