Sri Lanka Winning World T20 Cricket Championship Against India On April 6 Adds Extra Fillip To April 14 Sinhala New Year.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click either image to access CricInfo coverage and video
of the celebrations in Sri Lanka.



I think I will be on fairly safe ground to say that with the possible exception of sex, cricket, by far, is the main passion and poison, that gets Sri Lankans fired up — politics and religion, though matters of life and death, are important, but the love of cricket is more visceral. While it is now becoming fashionable for Sri Lankans to bash all things British (and our proud British heritage) they tend to forget that as is the case in Australia, South Africa, the West Indies, India and Pakistan, Britain’s indelible legacy in Sri Lanka is cricket.

Being World Champions, in a genuine multi-nation tournament (as opposed to a ‘World Series’ played among teams in the SAME country), is always special — even if the World T20, the shortest International format of this exquisite sport, which at its highest level is played over 5 days (~35 hours), is the junior most form of the sport. To triumph over the archenemy, at least when it comes to cricket, the giant neighbouring India, is even more special — your classic David knocking over Goliath.

The victory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Sunday, April 6, exactly a week ahead of the ‘Old Year had to have been viewed as propitious — given that Sri Lankans are into that kind of stuff.

I am glad. Beating the Indians at cricket, whatever the format, is always fun since they hate it so. Plus they beat Sri Lanka in the last World Series. So this is some compensation.

I did not follow this series. I am hoping to watch some of these games on my TEN Cricket service.

I just had a look at the scorecard. Hhhmmmm!

I hate to say it but I am a tad skeptical. India just scored at 6.5o runs an over! Hhhmmmmm.

Well, there will, ‘now’, alas, always be a pall of suspicion over all cricket matches — given the billions being wagered against these matches.

6.5 from the relatively gifted Indians, even against Sri Lanka’s much vaunted bowling, seems suspiciously low. But that is all part of modern cricket.

So this will be a special New Year for the Sri Lankans — everybody celebrating this ethnic, as opposed to religious, New Year even if they are not Sinhalese.

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