Malaysian Airlines MH370: NO Debris. 777 Must Be Intact — Right? So Black Box Is Still Inside The Plane Fuselage. Right?

Anura Guruge, June 8,


by Anura Guruge

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Location of Black Box within an Boeing 777. From the BBC -- with thanks.

Location of Black Box within an Boeing 777. From the BBC — with thanks.

No debris — right?

No satellite images of debris — right?

14 planes searching 1000 miles away from pinger signals
for debris, and spotting nothing — right?

So this technical miracle of a plane by Boeing
still has to be intact — right?

If it is intact the Black Box will still be
inside the fuselage — right?

So how come nobody is talking about that?

Also, nobody BUT nobody is asking what the heck the
plane was doing flying for 7 hours in TOTAL
radio silence!

Why bother flying it, in silence, for 7 hours just
to ditch it in the water.

If this was an elaborate suicide attempt why
waste 7 hours.

Why isn’t anyone asking the key question:
“why was it flying for 7 hours”.

I am still not convinced.

Just because the Malaysian government is certifiably stupid
doesn’t give an excuse everybody else to also act stupid.


That is what separates us from the Malaysians.


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