April 7, 2014, Golden Jubilee Of The S/360 (S/370) Mainframe: Happy 50th IBM Mainframes.

geneandIAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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BBC tribute. Click to access. The BBC points out that the ICL 1900 will also mark its 50th this year. Those were the first computers I ever used and got to know real well. I was in the U.K. Enrolled in an ICL sponsored programming program in 1969 — aged 16 at Mill Hill School, London. We wrote programs on coding sheets and send them to ICL by mail. They punched our code onto paper tape, ran the program and returned by mail, prior to the next week’s class, our coding sheets, the paper tape and the output. That was computing 1969.

Nicholas Donofrio, SVP of IBM mainframes in the late 1990s.

Nicholas Donofrio, SVP of IBM mainframes in the late 1990s.

Well it is finally here. 50 years of IBM mainframes. IBM mainframes were my life for ~36 years. So I do need to celebrate and reflect.

I would not be here if NOT for IBM mainframes. I am very partial to them, have always been and will always be.

Was thinking the other morning, while having my pre-breakfast nuts and fruits, seated on my front steps, though it was 32°F, whether SNA will still be around for its 50th anniversary and whether I would be around. That would be 2024. Another 10 years.

I also got thinking that I, if nobody else, should remember Nick Donofrio on this day. I was a bug fan of Nick’s. I did not know him personally. I had seen him at a few IBM conferences — most notably in Orlando in 1995. Nick gave a speech where he talked about contrition! I was impressed. I think of Nick as the father of modern IBM mainframes — i.e., zSeries. Nick did great things for mainframes. I chronicled most of them. So thank YOU Nick.

Click to access.

Click to access.

So while I am in this mood for thanking IBMers for their service to mainframes — as it pertains to me — let me also thank: Les Brown (of Hursley, my very first boss (ever) and the man, by telling me to ‘forget about it’ gave me a wonderful 30-year career as ‘Mr. SNA‘), Richard Tobacco (Raleigh), Patricia Kinney (Raleigh), Mac Devine (Raleigh), Don Haile (Raleigh) and Lark Allen (Raleigh).

Kind of surprised that Google did NOT do a Doodle — at least as yet.

Don’t think we will see a 10oth but mainframes could definitely make the 75th year mark.

Rejoice. I will be lifting a glass of red to IBM and mainframes in about 12 hours time. (One thing you learn as an IBMer, especially one that specialized in SNA, is that YOU have to have standards in life.)

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