Vatican-Sponsored John XXIII Cartoon Character On ‘2Saints’ Twitter Channel, For The Canonization, Is Creepy And Callous.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access Vatican-sponsored '2Saints' Twitter channel.

Click to access Vatican-sponsored ‘2Saints’ Twitter channel.

I fully appreciate that this is supposed to be ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ — and that I am nothing other than an ol’ geezer. That maybe, but I appreciate Pope John XXIII  more than most — and I am but a damn heathen, a reformed and born-again one be it.

The two cartoon characters, and the other is supposed to be John-Paul II (#265), are just plain creepy. Yes, I understand that the youthful look is meant to portray their ageless presence in heaven, to the right of God. I just don’t think it works. Yes, maybe Latin American ‘kids’ will get a kick out of it.

As for John XXIII the svelte looks cuts it. He looks like a Wall Street insider trader in a Yamaka. It is irreverent and tacky.

This, meant to mark MY Queen’s visit with Pope Francis (#267), is not the only one. Appears that they are trying to do at least one a day. Here is another.

Click to access Twitter channel.

Click to access Twitter channel.


Guess which one. Note the bearing.

So here is a theological question. As Saints Popes John XXIII & John Paul II are already up in heaven looking down upon us — ready to intercede on our behalf whenever we need such interceding (from what I gather they determine as opposed to us). Do YOU think they are happy with this portrayal. Yes, they both had a great sense of humor and John Paul II must feel like a billion dollars now that he is not bound to a body compromised by Parkinson’s. But, I am not sure. This cartoon depiction, in my opinion, does them an injustice.

They both, judging from pictures when they were young, had gravitas. These cartoon characters look plain vapid.

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