Malaysian Airlines MH370 Farce: They Locate Stolen Truck In N.H. Using GPS, But They Can’t Find A Boeing 777?


So, so, so MANY holes.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access WMUR (Channel 9) TV coverage.

Click to access WMUR (Channel 9) TV coverage.

I happened to see this late last night when I checked WMUR around 11:45 pm. I was struck by the irony. We can locate a stolen truck, with no passengers on board, within minutes using GPS, but we have spent nearly a month trying to locate a Boeing 777 with 239 passengers. Talk about incongruous.

I have known that we have had this GPS tracking technology, for fleet vehicles, for at least the last 15 years. You can even get $99 units for cars and even cheaper units for people.

Plus, it is GPS rather than cell. So works with the GPS satellites up in space rather than cell towers. So it can be definitely used to track planes.

Don’t tell me planes have transponders. We all know what they are TELLING US about the transponder (or transponders) on Malaysian MH370.

Why they just don’t superglue a few of these relatively inexpensive units to the fuselage of planes?

⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃

I am so disgusted by the stupidity, gullibility, duplicity and inanity of this whole MH370 search saga.

That is why I stopped posting about it. It wasn’t worth it. It is all so stupid.

I am only convinced of one thing and of that we get daily confirmation of late — the Malaysians will never win any awards for intellectual acuity, competence, credibility or honesty. I said it, holding back no punches, right at the start, 3 weeks ago: Malaysians are best known for their skills as coolies, and nothing else. They sure have been acting like the ill educated, socially inept coolies, and it cracked me up to read yesterday that Malaysians, like gas pump attendants, are getting mad that the world is making fun of them and are saying: “Oh, if the Chinese are so much cleverer, let them find the damn plane”. Of course the Chinese are much cleverer.

The problem is that the Malaysians aren’t giving us ALL the FACTS. I think the Chinese should invade Malaysia and annex them (á la Putin and the Crimea). Put everybody over there out of their misery. 

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