Malaysian Airlines HM370: Russians Did It To Divert Attention From Ukraine?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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I knew it would come to me, in a blinding “Road to Damascus” flash, in time.

It Did.

All part of the elaborate Ukrainian plan.

Without this MAJOR diversion CNN, Fox and the evening news
would be totally absorbed with the Ukraine.

Now Ukraine gets 2 minutes, at the end, as an afterthought.

All fits in.

Obama is delighted. Without MH370 he would be feeling so much more heat. Now he can go play nice with the pope while cable news prattles on, mindless, about MH370.

Russians have done it before. KAL 007.

Take all your parameters and plug them into this hypothesis.

The Russian flew MH370 along the Northern Corridor to Russia. They have the technology and the know-how to send out bogus radar pings.

They are manipulating the current farce.

The U.S. is keeping ‘mum’ because it suits Obama well to have MH370 in the news, 24×7, as long as possible.

Come On. This theory makes more sense that any of the others. Admit it!

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