Louisiana Court Decision That “Buddhism Is NOT Stupid” Greeted With Glee By Sri Lankan Buddhists.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access original from "care2.com" OR Google "Louisiana Buddhist" for plenty of others.

Click to access original from “care2.com” OR Google “Louisiana Buddhist” for plenty of others.

I talked about this in January when the news broke and even pointed out how it is possible to easily be a good Buddhist while at the same time semi-embracing Christianity (or any other religion) without in anyway being in conflict let alone violation.

That a judge would deem the act of anybody associated with a public school, even in Bible-Belt Louisiana, calling a religion ‘stupid’ unlawful was a given. I think most U.S. folks knew that this would be the outcome of this case. That was clear cut. But, I am glad the Sri Lankan Buddhists are so delighted with the ruling. 

I read about 4 articles and could only find one passing reference to the monetary damages awarded to the parents. From what I could see they were awarded $4,000 to cover their transportation costs for driving their kids to another school — and the school district that was sued ordered to provide them, for free, bus transportation to the new school in future.

All of what the school was told to comply with, in future, in terms of what they say and do about religion, goes without saying was the standard American “motherhood and apple pie” creed when it comes to religion in school.


As far as I am concerned, and as I did say in January, this misguided and obviously very insecure teacher should be fired not for calling Buddhism stupid BUT for her inexcusable and extremely ignorant (even by the low-standards of Louisiana) use of excessive exclamation points. (See image above.) To be that was the most egregious of her faults. My god. So many exclamation points. She really should be fired for that or, at a minimum, forced to attend one-year of College to learn English.


As for the parents, as I also did say in January, they need to better educate their children about Buddhism — especially when it comes to the Buddhist concept of creation, or more to the point, lack thereof.


Yes, I have finally started working on a book on Buddhism. When it is published it will definitely help people see Buddhism in a different light — the way I was taught to appreciate Buddhism. 

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