Malaysian Airlines MH370 — These Old Satellite Images Are Nothing But Red Herrings To Buy Time.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.hoaxkb1


by Anura Guruge

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For ‘latest’ ABC News coverage … CLICK.


The MAINLY Asian families are getting, contemptuously, the ‘Mushroom Treatment’. Can you see THIS if 90% of the families were U.S., British, French or German? Click for ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ coverage.

flyingpigrr‘They’ want me to believe that the LATEST images they have of this SEARCH AREA is from 4 days ago!

Yes, as I have kept on saying, “Pigs will FLY”!

‘They’ are buying time — by coming up with inane Red Herrings to keep the gullible public at bay.

So these satellites do NOT have any images of this area taken in the last 12 hours. Come on?

The U.S., China, India and possibly even the Russians (who have a vested interest in this part of the Antarctica) cannot get a real-time image of the search area.

This is garbage.

Time is, alas, ticking away.

I was hoping that ‘they’ were getting ready for an Entebbe type hostage rescue mission. While I appreciate that ‘Special Ops’ need as much time as they can to get ready for such an audacious and delicate mission, time has to be running out for the hostages. Keeping 239 hostages alive can’t be easy or fun.

This is not good.

I just find it impossible to believe that we can’t find a plane as big as a 777.

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