Blessed Pope John XXIII Canonization (April 27, 2014) — So Do You Know …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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1/ What had Belgian Cardinal Léon Joseph Suenens to do with Pope John XXIII’s canonization process?

2/ Why would Lumen Gentium and Gaudium et Spes get mentioned in the context of John XXIII’s canonization?

3/ What was the political dilemma faced by Paul VI (#263) when it came to initiating the canonization ’cause’ for John XXIII?

4/ Who were the postulators who handled the John XXIII canonization process?

5/ What religious order did they all belong to and what were the ‘special’ titles held by these postulators?

6/ Why did the postulators decide to put aside a John XXIII miracle reported from Chicago?

7/ Do you know the name of the nun who provided the miracle used for the canonization?

8/ What was the nun cured of and why is it ‘interesting’ relative to the pope, in the same way that the two John Paul II (#265) miracles pertain to that pope?

9/ Why did ‘they’ decide to forgo the second miracle when it came to the ‘Good Pope’?

10/ What will be Pope St. John XXIII’s feast day and what is unusual about it?

The definite, detailed answers to all of these can be found in Chapter 8 of “Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia”.

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