Malaysian Airlines MH370: The ‘ACARS’ Flip-Flop Shows How Clueless The Experts Have Been.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access original from 'The Malaysian'.

Click to access original from ‘The Malaysian’.

You don't have to look far. Wikipedia seems to have a fairly decent writeup. Click to access.

You don’t have to look far. Wikipedia seems to have a fairly decent writeup. Click to access.

This flip-flop over the ACARS is beyond the pale?

I have to think that there must be at least 10,000 people fairly familiar with the workings of ACARS on a Boeing 777 around the world. NONE of them KNEW that the 777 ACARS, as we had been initially led to believe, does not continually transmit data but only does so on a periodic basis? That is HUGE.

So when they, meaning the clueless Malaysian officials, that the ACARS was INTENTIONALLY turned off at 1:07 am (or thereabouts) — that was totally bogus. That was just when ACARS last transmitted. It was NOT supposed to transmit for another 30 minutes .

None of the EXPERTS spotted this?

Come on.

Don’t buy that for a second. Yes, the idiots that claim to be ‘experts’ that appear on CNN etc. wouldn’t know an ACARS if one smacked them on the face. But what about the real experts at Boeing and the company that actually makes the ACARS equipment. They would have known that.

Plus, we now hear, though I had to piece it together, that ACARS did report, possibly in the 1:07 transmission, that the flight path change had been programmed in.

They missed that for 10 days too.

Though everything and anything to do with flying intrigues me, I am not an aircraft or avionics expert. But, after 35 years of troubleshooting very large computer systems I know what to look for and what questions to ask.

Yes, there is a lot of gamesmanship involved. Nobody wants to play their hand too quickly. The Malaysian officials come across as beyond pathetic. I feel bad for the Malaysians. They deserve better. Look at the 4 in the picture above. I commented about one of them before — that he looked like he was asleep. He is the CEO of Malaysian Airlines? Come on. Guy looks like he is on life support.

Very disturbing.

The U.S. should really take over this whole search mission IF we are to find this plane.

One last thing: doesn’t the U.S. have all sorts of undersea ‘microphones’ to track submarines AND didn’t we start deploying smart buoys in the Indian Ocean to detect tsunamis. Wouldn’t some of these have picked up the vibrations if a huge 777 plunged into the water? 

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