Corned Beef For St. Patrick’s Day At The Ever Outstanding “Red Arrow Diner” In Manchester, N.H.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...



by Anura Guruge

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The justly famous (and their new outdoor banner claims “Nationally Famous”) “Red Arrow Diner“, on Lowell Street, in Manchester, N.H., proved yet again yesterday why they set the bar that other local diners, e.g., “Roger’s Red Line Diner” in Portsmouth, strive to match.

Deanna at an appointment in Bedford and I had asked for it to be on March 17 knowing that it was St. Patrick’s Day — and as such a good day to eat out in Manchester.

After the appointment, around 5:30 pm, I took the ‘back road’ to Manchester while Deanna and the kids argued about the merits of eating out and if we were eating out where we should go. Then as I got towards Elm Street they all perked up. Deanna said are we going to the “Red Arrow?“. Teischan was beside herself. I had thought that we might go to an Irish pub but there were 3 firm votes that we should go to ‘the Diner’. That alone is one heck of a testament to this diner — though I always like to point out that they certainly don’t need any endorsement from us, given how well known they are.

What was striking was that just 24 hours earlier I had run into solid opposition about going back to “Roger’s Red Line Diner” — though we were right there after going to see “Mr. Peabody & Sherman“. But now all three were of one mind that they wanted to go the “Red Arrow“.

We have been going there on a fairly regular basis for the last 2 years. It is our default dining choice if we are within 10 miles of Lowell St. Yes, I have a VIP Diner card — that according to Deanna now has a $5 credit on it.

Wasn’t sure how crowded it would be. It was relatively busy but not packed. Deanna got us our usual table/booth — or at least the one that we have sat at most often. It is the one where Al Gore sat. See above. It is funny the kids always make a point of leaving the Al Gore seat for me! And I am not that bigger a fan of his — at least not anymore.

It was a good dining experience — as it invariably is.

They, of course, have pancakes around the clock — unlike “Roger’s“, which was ‘strike one’ for them as far as Teischan was concerned. They even make kids Mickey Mouse chocolate -chip pancakes with the two big ears. That is Teischan’s staple. Yesterday, for St. Pat’s they made the pancakes green. See above. Very cute.

They did have a special St. Patrick’s Day menu featuring many corned beef items.

Given my low-carb diet (which is why I now prefer diners) I opted for a cholesterol heavy (but I take a handful of Liptor every day), very sinful corned beef omelette with Swiss cheese. I like Swiss cheese. The holes cut down the calories. Honest. The omelette came with ‘one of the usual starches‘ plus toast. I asked if I could have a small salad instead of the starch and toast. The waitress, who was very nice, was surprised that I didn’t want toast but said it would NOT be a problem. That is why I like the “Red Arrow“. Nothing is a problem. They always take care of you.

Deanna and Devanee had their inevitable cod and chips. It had to have been good since it was gone in no time.

My omelette was divine though I felt 2 pounds of weight going on to my waist.

Funny how the “Red Arrow” just makes you feel good. It is very small and kind of ‘dark’ — especially say compared to the “Roger’s Red Line” with its acres of glass. They also never have too many servers. Yesterday it was but two. But they always do good. Interesting. Well everybody was happy. It wasn’t too expensive. So that was good. Good deal. Made my St. Patrick’s Day.

Thanks, “Red Arrow”.

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