Malaysian Airlines MH370: Flying At 5,000 Feet Above Afghanistan, As Per CNN — Yep, Pigs Will Fly Too!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access CNN video and coverage of flying under 5,000' to avoid radar.

Click to access CNN video and coverage of flying under 5,000′ to avoid radar.

Airborne radar, this on top of a Boeing.

Airborne radar, this on top of a Boeing.

So this morning’s ‘big story’ is that MH370 was flying below 5,000′ to avoid been detected by radar — while NOW going up the ‘northern corridor‘ across China, Burma and possibly Afghanistan.

So yesterday it was all ‘southern corridor‘ flying into the sea, today it is 180° the other way — back to the ‘northern corridor’, whereas I still think ‘due west’, towards the Maldives.

So, CNN using a 777 simulator in Toronto (as if WE don’t have 777 simulators in the U.S.) tries to show us what it would be like to fly a 777, in the dark, at 6,500′ to 5,000′ over Afghanistan.

CNN can so often be so stupid and dense that it leaves me speechless. I could also add unpatriotic. Afghanistan is NO Malaysia or even China — these days.

Given what little I know of U.S. military capability and the enormous confidence that I have that they spend billions upon billions of technology, I, for one, do NOT believe that even a Cessna could fly anywhere above Afghanistan without it being seen, tracked and followed by the U.S. military. There is too much at stake to leave that airspace unguarded. Plus the U.S. has AIRBORNE RADAR not to mention satellites.

I could be wrong, and very wrong at that, BUT I do want to believe, fervently, that the U.S. has the Afghan airspace locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

Then there is the issue of “Where are ALL the U.S. & Chinese Spy Satellites”?

This newspaper article does a relatively good job of trying to tackle this puzzling issue.

But, I don’t buy it entirely.

I am convinced that the U.S., China & India, but to name but 3, DO NOT WANT
to admit as to what and whom they were spying upon!

If any of these countries say that they saw MH370 flying ‘from here to there’
they would be divulging what kind of monitoring they were doing.

So we have a kind of KAL 007 scenario again — where
the prevailing theory is that KAL 007 was flown off course
to check the extent of Soviet radar coverage
(i.e., to make the Soviets ‘show their (radar) hand’

Click to access the original coverage from the 'Financial Times'.

Click to access the original coverage from the ‘Financial Times’.

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