Malaysian Airlines MH370: “May Have Landed”, Which Is What I Said A Week Ago, Gaining Ground!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Latest MH370 possible flight path map. From Wikipedia page on MH370. Click to access.

Latest MH370 possible flight path map. From Wikipedia page on MH370. Click to access.

The so called ‘Southern Corridor‘ path, going South of Malaysia, West of Australia doesn’t make any sense to me. Yes, I know it has to do with the Earth’s geometry and the geostationary location of the satellite. Since there are no positioning coordinates associated with the ‘pings’ they don’t know which side of the satellite the pings were coming from.

OK, it is a ‘fair’ distance from Australia. But, given how paranoid they are (by nature, most likely due to the circumstances of their European origins), I can’t for the world of me imagine that they don’t have very good radar coverage of their Western and North Western flanks. So they picked up nothing?


“Miracle on the Hudson”. Can’t imagine WHY, but a possibility — with ships, by arrangement, nearby.

This I would think was way beyond the capabilities of Malaysians but could have pulled off by others: was there a very elaborate Ocean rendezvous, with the plane getting ditched in the sea à la the ‘Miracle on the Hudson‘. Maybe that is what got them thinking. The 777 would definitely float for a fairly long time, probably longer than the Titanic did once it was ruptured, if it was expertly landed, belly first (and last). That would explain a lot.

But, don’t know why, the Maldives keep on crossing my mind. Another coincidence. The satellite that picked up the pings appears to be positioned right over the Maldives. Time is inexorably ticking along. We better find this plane soon.

Interesting theory in an Indian newspaper.


Click for original “Times of India” coverage

Others, quite rightly, are joining me in blaming the inept Malaysian government.


Click to access “Boston Herald” coverage.

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