As The April 7 Golden Jubilee Of The Iconic S/360 Beckons I Try To Rustle Up Some Of My IBM Hursley Pictures From The 1970s.


Not the only famous ‘370’ in the world — not by a long chalk.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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>>Mar. 11, 2014.
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The “MH370 and ‘Poor’ IBM” post got me thinking about mainframes, and in particular S/370s again. Kind of funny and sad. There were 34 years of my life when NOT a single day went by without me, at a minimum, thinking about mainframes. Mainframes, were more than my ‘bread and butter’, they were my life — or to be very pedantic, they were what made my life (or lifestyle) possible. The nice thing, and I wonder how many others are fortunate enough to be able to say this about their means of ‘livelihood’, I loved mainframes, unreservedly.

I was always going to commemorate and celebrate the April 7, 2014 Golden Jubilee. Now with MH370 in the news 24×7, I just decided to start early.

Though I shipped about 100 pounds (weight not sterling) across the pond in 1985, including lots of my listings, over the years, which each move, I shed more and more of my old IBM ‘stuff’. So, I don’t have much left, though the other day, to my delight, I found my original, August 1974, IBM “THINK” sign (alas, just in cheap paper by then) that was given to each new IBMer on day one! Yes, I will post it.

I somehow managed to hold onto 2 booklets on ‘Hursley‘ since I adored everything about Hursley, starting with the historic house — where the magical ‘Spitfire’ plane was designed.

Here are some pictures from a booklet called “IBM at Hursley“. I think it was from 1978 or 1979. It was, for the aficionados, post “Building D”, because that new building is featured all over. I remember a large, weekend ‘Open House’ in ’78 or ’79. Some of my professors, at my behest, from the University of London, came for it — as my guests.

So here are a few pictures. I will add to these over the next few days.

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