Malaysian Airlines MH370: Why Is Nobody Even Mentioning The Maldive Islands & It Could Have Landed In Sri Lanka.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. From Google Maps — where else?


From CNN. Click to access CNN original and other maps. CRACKS me up that CNN never, but never, labels Sri Lanka — as if it doesn’t exist.

Just amazes me about all the downright duplicity, 95% by the unscrupulous Malaysians, that we have all been subject to over the last week. I feel for the poor families. Good job there aren’t any Americans camped out at the China airport.

The Maldives has crossed my mind a few times since we heard that the plane was in the air for at least 4 more hours than originally claimed.

The Maldives is well within that reach. It is an Islamic nation and I kind of know that there has been some degree of political ‘unrest’ over there. (Yes, I have been to the Maldives, twice. But that was c. 1965. There were no commercial flights to the Maldives at that time. I went by ship, both times, on the ‘Maldive Star‘.)

I kind of remember hearing that there is at least one fairly long military landing strip on one of the remote islands to the far South. We are talking about a LOT of very remote islands stretched across a huge swath of ocean.

I am more convinced about one thing than I was even a few days ago. IF this plane got anywhere close to Sri Lankan airspace my ‘cousins’ over there would have spotted it. Whatever you may say about us brownies from Sri Lanka we are more competent and capable than most of the others around us — and definitely a few orders of magnitude superior to the bumbling Malaysians. That said, it does cross my mind whether there was a PLOT to land the plane in Sri Lanka. I am not 100% sure but I have a hunch that there could be two strips on the East Coast, Trinco and Batticaloa, where MH370 could have landed — in a pinch, with lots of reverse thrust. But, this would only have happened with ‘approval’ — and that is a stretch. If this was during ‘THE WAR’ it would have made more sense. So, I think we can dismiss Sri Lanka — other than basking in the knowledge that if MH370 was anywhere close the Sri Lankans would NOT have missed it.

Wow. Am I so thankful that I don’t have to live in a country run by this guy. Did they just wake him up and wheel him into this Press Conference. He looks scared, confused and totally and utterly befuddled.


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16 responses to “Malaysian Airlines MH370: Why Is Nobody Even Mentioning The Maldive Islands & It Could Have Landed In Sri Lanka.”

  1. Hamish Richardson (@hamishr) says :

    Could have landed also at Weerawila, which is virtual abandoned since Mattala airport to the North-West started operations. Iranian Kilo class Sub to take the 20 Freescale employees back to Iran to develop better missile guidance and radar cloaking technology for Iran…. a bit out there, but plausible at this stage of the game.

    • aguruge says :

      I have been out for the last 6 hours. Just got home and heard that ACAS was not disabled at 1:07 — that that was when it last reported. Not continuous transmission. Every 30 minutes. As for landing in Sri Lanka, even in the dark, I have to assume that that would only be possible with government sanction of some sorts. But, it is possible that for cost reasons radar coverage etc. has been scaled back since the end of the war. Interesting. How are YOU familiar with Sri Lanka? Keep in touch. All the best. I am still thinking Maldives.

  2. Sunil Kumar M says :

    Inviting your attention to this news portal.

    Maldives island residents report sighting of ‘low flying jet’

  3. Ahmed Risham says :

    that ‘huge military base to the south’ was there during british occupancy, which has hence been swapped with Diego Garcia further to the south. good thing betting on Maldives just because we are all muslims and thus terroriists by default. of the 1200 islands just come on over and count in how many you can land a 777 in, if any

    • aguruge says :

      Very useful. Thank YOU. I sent you a separate e-mail. Very interesting. All the best. My greetings and good wishes to the Maldives. Cheers, Anura

  4. Shawn Liwax says :

    I really don’t think it is Maldives. How dare you accuse them? I have been there and I like their islands. If that ship was sighted near Maldives they would inform the Malaysian government. Don’t go pointing your fingers at people.

  5. Pamela Blythe says :

    Been to the Maldives last year so I am fairly familiar with the area from landing in Male. Went only as far as the ari atoll via sea plane. It also crossed my mind when the news broke. I can see how it is possible that a jet could have landed in an area once used to for military and now abandoned. Sad that news like this comes so late. Since it only has enough fuel to take it thus far then would it be possible any ships (somalia?) were nearby that could refuel the liner. If it was used seriously think it wasn’t for long.Loved my stay in the Maldives. It is the most absolute beautiful place in the world. Would go again!

    • aguruge says :

      Thank you. Yes, fully agree. Beautiful country. I went, as a 12 – 13 year old, before there was any tourism. Went by ship. Don’t think there were any hotels. Could be wrong on that. We stayed at a guest house. Very nice. Did YOU eat any maldive fish. Do you know the symbiotic connection between the Maldives and Ceylon/Sri Lanka. We are addicted to maldive fish and they are the only ones that make it. You must be a Brit. So am I. I had a Golden named Winston. His sister was ‘Maggie’ — yes, after another P.M. Then went to Military Generals. Ulysses and Monty. Then others wanted a say in the naming. So we now have a Maya and a Braxton. All the best. Hope you make it back to the Maldives. Have you tried Sri Lanka? That from someone who hasn’t been there since 1992 and that was for 72 hours (for his mother’s funeral, though he did accompany the body, by air, from Paris)! Cheers, Anura

      • Pamela Blythe says :

        I am in the USA. We only ate the lobster which was awesome! I am not much a fish eater but I did love swimming with them when snorkeling, what beautiful fish!!. We stayed on Rangali island. Everyone there and in Male were very hospitable and welcoming. I dream about this trip all the time. I honestly knew nothing about Maldives not even where it was) until I won a trip there and studied up on as much as I could. History, google earth, everything, you name it! LOL I really wanted to swim with the whale sharks, but as luck would have it there were none at the time of our excursion. Maybe again someday if I am lucky enough to make it back. Cheers to you!

      • aguruge says :

        You mean you managed to study up on the Maldives without coming across Maldive Fish! That is researching the history of CA and never seeing a reference to gold! Here check this out: That is what it was FAMOUS for. Cheers.

  6. Medagamaraalahamilaage Seneviratneraalahamilaage Kasun says :

    Where is the communication between Vietnam Air Traffic control and Malaysian Air Traffic control, when MH370 did not respond after MATC handed over to VATC?
    Why there is total silence about MH370’s second pass over Malaysian Air Space?
    Where is that original video showing a faster jet following the MH370 and going below radar just after MH370 lost communications?
    Why do the Malaysian authorities look so frightened?

  7. Elizabeth Cencini says :

    I am not a psychic, but I have really profound dreams, I dreamt I saw the missing plane on an island where rubies are found. I know this leads me to a lot of different places but it could be in this area as I have studied that Sri Lanka is big on rubies. I also heard the #62 in my dream if this helps at all.

    • aguruge says :

      Thank you. Island where rubies are found could be Sri Lanka — though I am 90% sure the plane isn’t there. But, I think rubies are found all around that area. One thing I am fairly sure. The plane isn’t where they are currently searching. Even my 8 year old has worked that out. Happy dreams. Hope your dreams are peaceful. 99% of mine are like entertaining movies. Stay in touch. Cheers. Anura

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