Tomorrow, 3/14/14, Is 2014 ‘Pi Day’. I Hope Alton At Least Celebrates With Lots Of Pie For Lunch.

Anura Guruge (60) Thanksgiving 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Tomorrow, 3/14, is Pi Day — and it also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday.

Of late it has become customary, around the World, to celebrate Pi Day — ideally with something mathematical. Last year Barnstead, to its credit, had a Pi Day event. Click here for the pictures.

This year I can’t find anything about Pi Day (or even Pie Day) on the Barnstead Elementary Website (though I didn’t spend that much time digging).

Nothing in Alton, either at Prospect Mountain or Alton Central (ACS), as far as I can tell — which was also the case last year. I did ask a (rather bright) Prospect Mountain freshman last week if they were doing anything for ‘Pi Day’. He was not familiar with the notion of ‘Pi day’. Devanee had to explain it to him. I haven’t seen anything.

While I can understand that doing something ‘mathematical’ might contravene ‘Common Core‘ objectives, I hope that they at least serve PIE for lunch. Everybody should be able to relate to that.


With thanks to ‘’. Enjoy. Click to ENJOY ‘Pi Day’ like a nerd.

2003 Google Doodle for Albert Einstein’s Birthday.

Click to access from Google Doodle archives.

Click to access from Google Doodle archives.

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