It Is Still Snowing In Alton, N.H. (at 10:40 am). Should It Have Been A ‘Snow Day’ Rather Than A 2-Hour Delay?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Snow coming down, and the road, at 10:20 am on Thursday, March 13, 2014 in Alton, N.H. Click to ENLARGE.

It is 10:48 am as I write this and it is still snowing in Alton, though not as hard as it was half and hour ago. WMUR, as you can see above, is talking about snow till 5 pm.

The roads around here are not plowed. The bus was 12 minutes late and I don’t blame the poor driver. He has to go half way up Prospect Mountain Road to pick up a kid and if it isn’t plowed he is dicing with danger if not another ‘d’ word.

I was told on Tuesday, unasked, that ‘we’ are down one plow truck — the one that plows our road. It is in Manchester getting fixed. That might explain why the roads around here have yet to be plowed. I haven’t bothered to go out to plow the drive myself. Seems pointless. Might as well wait for the snow to abate.

Question is how much snow will we have on the roads by 2:45 today?

Yes, I checked the other local districts. They have all opted for the ‘2-hour‘, not a ‘snow day‘, option. But, WMUR has trouble with this forecast. I actually stayed down till 11:20 pm just to watch it to see how wrong they had been. We hadn’t had any snow here — despite their earlier predictions. It was all rain. I understand. It all depended on where the storm track was and 15 miles to the South made all the difference. But, it now begs the question about today’s snow totals. I just hope the buses can make it, safely, through the afternoon snow — and the poor teachers that have to drive to remote places.

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