Pope Francis — One Year As Pope Today, 1st Year Anniversary March 13, 2014, i.e., Tomorrow.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Wow. That year went by quite quickly. Yes, of course, I vividly remember the conclave given that I was blogging about it, on my ‘popes and papacy‘ blog incessantly and even doing live blogging for a Canadian company. Here is one of my posts from a year ago.

Of course I am very happy about this pope. If nothing else it vindicated my ‘The Next Pope 2011‘ book since I correctly identified him as one of my top 10 papabili. He is definitely a breath of fresh air. I applaud his attempts to cut back on personal papal excesses, at least when it comes to unnecessary, gaudy vestments, though he, of course, is not totally consistent on this point. I like that he wants to help the poor though I know, and he knows, that he can do billion times better than what he is doing right now — which is mainly talk and very little in hard cash (though he did, to his credit, sell his Harley).

That he has revamped the Vatican financial structure is good, albeit one where he had no choice but to do something, though I worry about who he picked to head this crucial effort.

He has done diddly about the clergy sex crimes and that he thinks otherwise is both disappointing and disturbing.

Many, especially the media, have misread his ‘words’ about gays and inclusiveness. He remains a conservative Catholic opposed to same sex adoption etc.

With this one year mark, the pope’s honeymoon period with the world will soon be coming to an end. People will be looking for concrete actions rather than just rhetoric.

The PBS FrontlineSecrets of the Vatican‘ documentary that have raved about ends with a warning that this pope may not have as much time to make the reforms he is hinting about as he thinks or hopes. To be honest this pope has already outlived my initial expectations — based on the 33 day papacy of another radical, and extremely likeable pope, poor John Paul I (#264). I talked about what Frontline is talking about on March 14, 2013 — yes, a year ago.

This pope is trying to emulate the Good Pope‘, the soon to be canonized Pope John XXIII (#262). While there are similarities they are very different people. Though Francis is people-oriented, John was more so. John had natural warmth and empathy. This pope still has a touch of detachment.

All said, I wish him all the best. Despite the ‘wrinkles’, much of his heart is in the right place. He is trying to do some of the right things. For that I applaud him. I will be delighted if I can write another report a year from today.

Happy anniversary, Pope Francis.

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