First Asiana, Now Malaysian — Why I Have Always Gravitated Towards Western Carriers For My Trips To The Orient.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click for CBS coverage of the girls in the cockpit (and i have always thought that 'cockpit' was a very unfortunate term).

Click for CBS coverage of the girls in the cockpit (and i have always thought that ‘cockpit’ was a very unfortunate term).

Over the five decades that I have been flying in and out of Asia I have flown: Air Ceylon, Air Lanka, Air India, Indian Airlines, Singapore, Cathay Pacific, Thai International … at a minimum. I have also flown Aeroflot to and from Bangkok. But, especially as an adult (as opposed to a teenager), I tended to fly Western carriers whenever it was feasible, my favorites being BOAC, BA, AA, North West, KLM, Air France and (before my Liverpool epiphanyLufthansa.

Standards, in particular the standards of pilots, are, of course, different. Well, the unfortunate and bewildering Malaysian MH370 fiasco is highlighting this by the bucketload.

It is also showing how many Asian countries are still not ready for worldwide primetime on 24×7 cable news. The Malaysian officials have demonstrated that they are way out of their comfort zone and whatever league they thought they were in.

Keeps on reminding me of a piece in an advice column I read in an Indian magazine in the early 1970s (while visiting New Delhi, from the U.K., for my summer holidays). It was talking about Indian boys studying abroad getting their European girlfriends pregnant — and hearing the news from their girlfriends. The column talked about all the conflicting emotions that the Indian boys would be facing — highest among them: ‘Golly, this is the BIGGEST thing, most exciting thing, that has ever happened to me’! I keep on thinking of that when I see the Malaysian officials floundering in front of the cameras. Never mind the disaster, this is the BIGGEST thing that any of them have had to deal with and they are beside themselves with excitement, ego, trepidation and nerves — irrespective of their personal competence to deal with this ftas moving, complicated event.

Well the world is watching. I wonder whether Malaysian Airlines have seen a drop in ticket sales. They should.

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