Malaysia Flight MH370 — Note I Already Said On Sunday That It Could Have Landed Somewhere Remote. Plus Transponders.

Click to access excellent coverage of this 'black man' issue at 'The Root'.

Click to access excellent coverage of this ‘black man’ issue at ‘The Root’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click for latest coverage from CNN, including course change and transponders getting turned off.

Note that my #1 point in Sunday’s post was that the plane could have landed and has been hidden away — like a grand scale carjacking. Go check.

»»»» I know that they can be turned off, but why on earth would you make it possible for anyone to turn off a transponder. The more you think about it, the stupider it gets. If it is a question of transponders creating too much clutter on radar, turning off the ‘squawk’ data from the transponder should be a function performed by the radar software. So maybe that would be one thing we get from this unfortunate mystery, airplane transponders that CANNOT be turned off; i.e., permanently on (with multiple backup batteries).

»»»» I said it earlier today, and I will say it again because it is becoming clear to all by the minute. Malaysians are best known for their ability to perform manual work. This whole complicated puzzle, with lots of moving parts, with the whole world watching is way, way beyond the ‘pay scale’ they are used to operating within. Let the U.S. and Boeing find the plane. The Malaysians will be great and clearing the debris.

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