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C. R. England CDL License Scheme: Be Careful, Be Very Careful. Do Your Research Before You Get On A Bus.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge


Had lunch with a friend who ‘just’ got back after 8 weeks with C.R. England at their Utah school.

Yes, he did get his Class-A CDL as promised by C.R. England, and their offer of employment, it is just that the terms were very different from what he had been led to believe by the telephone recruiter.

He had not done enough Google research before he got on the bus, Boxing Day, to head off to Utah. He did get a valid license — so it wasn’t all bad. But he might end up having to pay a few thousand dollars for it.

He never told us the details of what he was doing until he got back. He was all excited before he left and continued to be during the first couple of weeks.

IF he had Googled “C R England SCAM” before he had left he would have found out everything, to the ‘T’, that he encountered. His was not an isolated case.

Here is what you get when you Google “C R England SCAM“.

IF you are thinking about attending C. R. England driving school (or equivalents), do that Google and read the reports. Couple of the reports I read, this evening, were word for word the same experiences that our buddy had encountered. It appears that this is a well honed scheme that has been perfected over decades.


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My intent and goal here is just to give YOU a heads up so that you don’t get burned.

Just do your research BEFORE getting on any bus.

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