“Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia” Now Available In Paperback Too — In Time For The April 27, 2014 Canonization.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access Amazon.

Click to access Amazon.

Right now Amazon is selling it at a $1.29 discount!

This is all part of the Amazon magic. Actually they now have a new algorithm that dynamically changes the price to promote sales. Amazon can do this really well with books like this — which are PUBLISHED through THEIR CreateSpace program. They know their costs. It is a wonderful, soup-to-nuts program — which is why I now do everything exclusively through Amazon — and ITS CreateSpace and Kindle. 

So just a heads up for those that have already asked me when the paperback will be available. It is available now.

The goal always was to get it done in time for the canonization. Whew! Made it. I have to stop writing books with HARD deadlines. Last year it was Comet ISON with the November 28 perihelion. I wanted all four books, in print form, ready well ahead of that deadline. With this book it was April 27. No deadlines, other than what I set myself, for the next two book. That is a relief.

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