‘Free Fillable Forms’ For 2013 Tax Year: Slight Issue With IRS Form 8949 — Can No Longer Enter ‘Various’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013....
Anura Guruge

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Ran into this issue yesterday, and it really just made me smile.

You can no longer enter ‘various’ into the ‘Date Acquired’ field!

As those of you who know this stuff will appreciate ‘various’
is a perfectly valid entry for this field.

Brokerage statements actually say ‘various’.

But, whoever was writing the code for this year’s, i.e., 2013 taxes, ‘Free Fillable Forms’,
didn’t know that.

So this year INSISTS that you type in a mm/dd/yyyy into that field.


2013 Free Fillable Forms mandatory date field.

After messing around for a few minutes I gave up. I just left it blank.
It doesn’t object to that.
I am sure the IRS will work out why the field is blank. So I am not worried.

Here is my 2012 return. I used various in various places, as I had to.

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