New Hampshire Dental Coverage via (i.e., ObamaCare), Through Delta Dental, Only Accepted By LIMITED No. Dentists.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Healthcare Exchange provided Delta Dental for New Hampshire is ONLY accepted by Delta Dental PPO dentist — basically Aspen Dental and ‘two others’!

NOT accepted by Delta Dental Premier dentists! PPO is different from Premier. PPOs charge Delta Dental less. Most ‘decent’ dentists in NH belong to Premier not PPO.

So a Heads UP!

Click to access Delta Dental  NH Plan explanations. PPO is different from Premier.

Click to access Delta Dental NH Plan explanations. PPO is different from Premier.

I found this out to my cost yesterday. After much ‘homework’ by Deanna we found a new dentist in Gilford. They won’t take MY Delta Dental insurance BUT will take Deanna’s which we were forced to buy outside of ObamaCare (for reasons that are too convoluted to describe). Amazing.

I since spoke to two other fairly busy NH dental practices. I am, so far, the ONLY person that they have met with dental insurance via ObamaCare. That alone must tell some kind of story.


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2 responses to “New Hampshire Dental Coverage via (i.e., ObamaCare), Through Delta Dental, Only Accepted By LIMITED No. Dentists.”

  1. neddblog says :

    Good afternoon Mr. Guruge,

    My name is Crystal Carroll and I am Manager of Community Relations at Northeast Delta Dental. We recognize your frustration and wish to provide you with some clarification that should be helpful to you and followers of your blog.

    Indeed, for 2014, the dental plans that we offer on the New Hampshire Health Insurance Marketplace (the exchange) are exclusive PPO plans (also known as EPO). As you note, only dentists participating in Dental Dental’s PPO network are eligible for reimbursement in 2014 under these exchange plans. Our use of EPO plans in NH for the NH exchange arose following direction from the New Hampshire Insurance Department. Our plan documents and public information from the Insurance Department note this EPO plan arrangement.

    Since then, and with support of the New Hampshire Dental Society and further dialogue with the Insurance Department, we expect to be able to offer standard PPO plans on the exchange in 2015 that also permit reimbursement of Premier network dentists consistent with our off-exchange PPO plans. That should be great news for all.

    Additionally, our search of participating PPO dentists within 15 miles of Gilford determined nearly 20 PPO dentists are available. As you may know, you can also visit our website at and the “Find a Dentist” page to locate a PPO dentist.

    Northeast Delta Dental has the largest PPO network in New Hampshire with over 250 dentists reaching every corner of the state. We continue to grow the PPO network, and would welcome your regular dentist to participate.

    Thank you.

    Crystal A. Carroll

    Manager, Community Relations
    Northeast Delta Dental

    • aguruge says :

      Thank YOU. This is helpful. Let me look into this. I don’t live in Gilford! Yes, we went to a dentist in Gilford but we (now (as in since 2007)) live in Alton. When I said ‘two others’ — was a bit of a very, very INSIDER joke. Yes, I know you are new to this blog, BUT I am a Brit — and I use a LOT of British humor in here just to confuse and confound the non-Brits (as that is a part of British humor). A very old, but dear, British expression to denote sparse attendance is “two men and a dog”. So given that all us Brits know that we can use anything with “two” in such a context to indicate low participation. Yes, I did use your FIND DENTIST feature, for 40 miles around, Alton. As I said MOST were Aspen. Aspen scares ME. Though I am physically a wreck I have, for reasons that escape me, teeth like a horse. Check images. A total of 4 small filings — and NONE in over 20 years. Gums like cement. You can take sandpaper to them (and sometimes I do). All that is wrong with my teeth is the staining to my constant, non-stop intake of red wine, coffee and black tea. So I just need a dentist that offers decent, ultrasonic cleaning. I have bought various (expensive) ultrasonic toothbrushes but they don’t work. I get a feeling that Aspen will NOT treat me fairly. 30 years ago a dentist in Lowell, MA told me “I will NEVER make any money from your teeth”. That is why Aspen scares me. I get the feeling that as a franchise they they must have ‘per patient’ goals and objectives. To meet them they are going to find stuff wrong with my teeth just to charge me — or YOU. Oh yeah. I Google Aspen. Plus, NOT that many people around NE with horse teeth like mine. So my situation is kind of different. Anyway … that is the issue. I want non-franchise dentists. But, THANKS. Very helpful. This blog has a LOT of post on Obamacare,, Anthem and OUR outstanding NH Insurance Dept. that helped me out with Anthem. By the way, YOU folks, compared to Anthem, were EASY to sign-up (and yes, you probably had 1/1000 the volume). Cheers, Anura

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