Alton Central School (ACS) Makes It To WMUR Channel 9 TV Re. Fred Fuller Oil Scare.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access WMUR coverage.

Click to access WMUR coverage.

This is the story I posted at 7:15 pm LAST night — with all of the facts 100% since I have impeccable sources.

Much to my surprise there was a full page letter written by the Administration as ever chest-thumpingly justifying their actions and repeatedly talking about ‘misinformation’. It would appear that my post and WMUR got the facts right to the ‘T’.

In the letter the administration says that they will get oil from another company if need be. Bully for them, but where is the MONEY for this going to come from. The school, as far as I know, has an agreement with Fuller for the oil — and this was something that was discussed, at length, at at least one ACS School Board Meeting. Here is a post about that meeting. I think at that meeting, if not at another, Deanna even stood up and asked about the wisdom of this with Fuller. [That was before they managed to get the Gag Orders on us.] She got the usual ‘well you know it is cheaper etc. etc.’ garbage. So, now what …

Take any additional monies required from the reserves. The generosity, as ever, of the Alton Taxpayers.

I am not sure as to what the laws are but I hope that there is something to prevent poor kids from having to sit in cold classrooms. I hope somebody is looking into that. The statement by the 8th grader that his hands were cold is pretty concerning.

I have a couple of other concerns given the Carbon Monoxide flap in December — when they did close down the school.

We know that they didn’t have industrial grade Carbon Monoxide detectors. That the letter written by the administration claims that they ONLY found out that there was no heat when the Facilities Director arrived for work at 6 am, yesterday, would suggest that ACS also does not have any ‘low temperature’ alarms in the school! Genius. Doesn’t most houses and buildings in New Hampshire have such alarms? So they don’t even know when they ran out of oil. Yes, yesterday was Monday. So, I guess we now kind of know that the facilities folk don’t check the oil on a regular basis. Must be nice. I check my oil level, in the winter, near daily — because IF I run out of oil I can’t go to the Alton Taxpayers to bail me out for emergency oil delivery.

I am sure that IF somebody has the gumption to check the ACS School Board minutes (or videos, if they haven’t butchered the audio so nobody can hear what is being said) that the Fred Fuller ‘deal’ was discussed.

Nice. Very nice. The poor ACS kids and the rich Alton Taxpayers.

I am so sorry that Superintendent William (‘Bill’) Lander had to admit to WMUR that it was frustrating for him. (See above image.) Aaahhhh! Oh, Poor, poor Mr. B. Lander. So frustrating. Wow, and he had to call them 10 times. Such a convenient round number, though. Not 9 or 11, exactly 10. I wonder whether somebody should file ‘Right to Know’ for the phone records to make sure that he did indeed dial the RIGHT NUMBER ten times. What happens if he had mis-dialed?

But watch the WMUR video. It is a repeat of this “Alton’s Funniest Video(AlFV). He utters his usual mantra: “I don’t know”. So, he is NOT sure whether he called 10 times. He can’t remember. Despite what he likes to go around claiming, I don’t make this stuff up. Listen to what he says. It will crack you up.

Now the last time I looked he had two assistants working for him, at his beck and call, full time — while, of course, he only works, per his contract, part-time. I guess they were too busy to make the calls for B. Lander as they normally do.

I guess that wouldn’t have sounded as dramatic: “The frustrating part for me was that my secretary called Fuller Oil 100 times and either …”.

Yes, I feel for him. It has to be difficult when you normally lead a life so blessed that it is free of frustration to have to run into Fred Fuller.

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