CNBC’s Arch-Conservative Joe (Kasey Khan) Kernen Will Be THE Perfect Replacement At CNN For Banished Brit Piers Morgan.

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Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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britishhavecomeAs a Brit myself, albet one that has lived in the U.S. for 29 years (and with at least one U.S. wife and 4 kids), it never made sense to me as to why they picked a Brit to replace Larry King. It was a crazy idea from day one. As far as I can tell they still haven’t forgiven us for coming in the first place — though they grudgingly tolerate us because they find us vaguely funny. Poor Piers, who seems like a nice guy (and everybody appears to say so) was on a hiding to nothing. When he took on gun control he was, poor sod, doomed. There is no question the gun lobby and those that wanted him deported won. US 3 Piers 0. That said I think Piers is stiall laughing all the way to the Bank of Scotland and back. Assume he had a platinum clad x-year contract, show or no show.
From the little I have read it appears that the Americans, quite rightly, want a true, 100% American in this slot to feed them the red meat they desire at this point. I think Joseph (Joe) Kasey Kahn Kernen, of CNBC, the arch-conservative, who probably carries concealed while doing the show, has to the THE perfect replacement. He can follow in Erin Burnett’s dainty little feet (I assume, since I have never really seen them) from CNBC to CNN. Actually that would give us two ex-CNBCers back-to-back though Erin may dread the thought of Kernen anywhere near her — trying, unsuccessfully, to act macho and cool.

I think this is the perfect solution. I don’t watch the CNN 9 -10 pm slot. So I won’t have to see J. K. K. Kernen. That will make me happy. The Americans will love him. He will make fun of Obama, call for Common Core to abolished, a repeal of all background checks, deportation of all non-whites etc. etc. He will be everything that poor Piers wasn’t.

So I am casting my vote for Kasey Khan Kernen as the Larry King replacement.


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